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Factors affecting the life of hammer crusher



2020-11-23 03:57:54 1097

The hammer crusher is a widely used crushing equipment, mainly used to process limestone, coal gangue gypsum and other medium-hard minerals. The use time of a hammer crusher is related to the investment and income of the enterprise. How to make the hammer The life of the crusher is longer, so that it can play its greater value, and create more profits for the company. It has always been a problem that manufacturers and users want to solve. Today, Henan Gold Mine Machinery will explain to you how to improve hammer crushing. The life of the machine.

Among the components of the hammer crusher, the hammer is the main easy to wear part. Usually, the life of the hammer crusher refers to The life of the hammer. The quality of the hammer is not only related to the life of the hammer crusher, but also affects its crushing efficiency. When the hammer crusher is working, the hammer is often hit by the material. In the long run, the wear will become more and more severe. Therefore, it needs to be replaced frequently. The factors that affect the life of the hammer head are

1 The material structure and quality of the hammer head. The material structure of the hammer head will affect the mechanical properties after heat treatment. Formulate a reasonable casting process and heat treatment process It is an effective method to solve the problem that the hammer head is prone to breakage in the early stage of use.

2 The power and speed of the hammer crusher rotor. In the technical parameters of the hammer crusher, the power and speed of the rotor are related to the hammer The degree of impact hardening of the hammer head will affect the service life of the hammer.

3 Material particle size and hardness. The particle size and hardness of the material are directly proportional to the requirements for the hammer material, and the use of materials with different physical characteristics A suitable hammer head helps to prolong the service life of the hammer head.

4 The size of the internal gap of the hammer crusher. The gap between the rotating font and the counterattack bar and the hammer head is the hammer The main internal gap of the type crusher. The size of the gap is related to whether there is accumulation of material near the grate bar and the safety door. If the accumulation of material exists, and the hammer cannot press the accumulated material from the grate bar, the hammer will be severely affected. Friction and wear. Therefore, in the process of use, the gap of each part must be adjusted frequently to make it within the appropriate range.

In our purchase of hammer crushers At the same time, we must pay attention to the quality of the hammer head, and choose the hammer crusher according to your own material situation. If you want to know more about the wear-resistant hammer crusher, you can call or consult us online.