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Factors affecting the processing quality of the bearing seat of the belt conveyor



2020-10-29 09:57:54 1058

The quality of the bearing seat at the end of the belt conveyor roller directly affects the assembly accuracy of the bearing. The horizontal and longitudinal dimensions of the bearing seat are extremely important. The horizontal size affects the axial positioning accuracy of the bearing during assembly, and the longitudinal direction is directly related to the bearing seat and The matching accuracy of the bearing. When designing the mold, you should carefully consider the ratio of the diameter of each stretch before and after the stretch, that is, the stretch coefficient. The stretch coefficient vividly indicates the degree of deformation of each stretch, so it affects the tape What are the factors of the processing quality of the conveyor bearing seat?

1 The raw material has two requirements for the stamped steel plate of the bearing seat. On the one hand, the mechanical properties must be good. For strength and elongation, large domestic fruit and vegetable manufacturers use 08A1, and the elongation is above 35%. On the other hand, the thickness of the steel plate should be reasonable, and cold-rolled plates are required. If hot-rolled plates are used, they should be considered on the abrasive tools when stamping. br/>
2 The high-quality punch of the stamping equipment is a prerequisite to ensure product quality. It is recommended to use a wellhead crankshaft press to accurately control the speed and stroke.

3 The stamping mold and the stamping abrasive tool are designed according to the stamping process. The quality of the mold should be good. The surface of the mold of the intermittent working system should be chrome plated, and the surface of the continuous working system should be titanium plated. This is not only to make the mold wear-resistant. Long, the more important thing is to stabilize the quality of the finished bearing housing.

4 The requirement of drawing oil for stamping oil is to help improve the metal fluidity of cold reducing and cold arrow post-processes, and improve the use of molds Life, improve surface finish, prevent adhesion during cutting and cold welding. Manufacturers should attach great importance to the selection of stretching oil, which is especially important for continuous operation production plants.

5 Stamping and drawing speed The punching speed of the same process of each workpiece must be the same to ensure that the lattice deformation is the same during each stretch of the metal flow and avoid impact fatigue fracture.

6 The rationality of the stamping process The stamping forming process of the bearing seat is the flow process of stamping steel sheet metal. The reasonable process is obtained through experiments, especially the final shaping process, which directly affects the size and surface roughness of the product.