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Factors affecting the quality of crusher discharge



2020-12-03 00:57:54 1076

When we are buying a crusher, there are many factors that need to be considered. One of the very important points is the quality of the output of the crusher, because the super high quality of the output is what every user wants to achieve, because of the output of the crusher Quality directly affects the interests of the enterprise, so what factors affect the quality of the crushers output?

1 Crushing ratio

The crushing ratio is something everyone should know. It refers to the ratio of the particle size of the imported material and the crushed finished material. So the larger the ratio, the larger the crushing ratio. The higher the quality, and vice versa, the lower the crushing quality. The crusher refers to the high content of the crushed material in the form of needles. When the crushing ratio is small, not only the quality of the output is low, but the internal circulation of the crusher will increase, and the crushing The increase in machine wear will reduce the production efficiency.

2 Feed size

The feed size also affects the output quality. When the feed size is reduced from 100mm to 50mm, the content of needle flakes in the finished material decreases by 38%, and the output quality of the crusher will also decrease.

3 Circulation load

The operation of the crusher will form a closed loop system. If the discharge port is increased at this time, the load in the cycle will increase, and the shape of the stone particles will become better. , The increase of the cyclic load will also increase the wear of the equipment in the system, but when the discharge port is adjusted larger, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the finished material will be better.

4Open circuit And closed-circuit circulation

People who are familiar with the production performance of the crusher know that in the secondary crushing process, the cycle is divided into the circuit cycle and the closed-circuit cycle. The open-circuit cycle is called the first screening and then the crushing, and the closed-circuit cycle is called Crushing first and then sieving, first sieving and then crushing means that the material after the first level of crushing is sieved through the finished product sieve and then enters the secondary crushing feed inlet for crushing. In this way, the output of the finished material will increase. The content of powder is also increased. First crushing and then screening means that all the first-level crushed materials enter the feed port of the second-level crusher, and then enter the finished product sieve for screening. Because the entire system is a closed system, During the period, there is no loss of crushed material. Although the cycle load is larger, the product grain shape is good and the discharge quality is high.