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Factors causing failure of jaw crusher



2020-10-22 18:57:54 1100

It is understood that after a long-term use of the jaw crusher, the parts or matching parts are loosened due to wear, deformation, fatigue, corrosion, cavitation or other reasons, which promotes the performance of the original work, deteriorates the condition of the crushing technology, appears to work abnormally, or even cannot continue to work , The machine fails. What factors cause these failures? We start from the following two aspects to find the factors that cause the jaw crusher to malfunction.

1. The output is not up to the factory standard. The hardness or toughness of the material to be crushed exceeds the range specified in the instruction manual. Replace or increase the position of the jaw crusher motor. The connection position of the jaw crusher is reversed, and the main engine turns on the reverse (moving jaw rotates clockwise) , Or the motor delta connection method is connected to the star connection method: the discharge opening of the motor connection is less than the specified limit: the discharge opening is adjusted to the nominal discharge opening specified in the manual and the jaw plate displacement of the crusher for fine crushing is added, and the tooth top As opposed to the tooth top, check the tooth pitch size of the tooth plate. If it does not meet the standard, the jaw plate must be replaced, and the relative position of the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate must be adjusted to ensure that the tooth top is fixed and compressed to prevent displacement.

2. Improper use during operation. Failure to feed materials according to the standard can cause the discharge port to be blocked, resulting in a full cavity blockage that drives the V-belt to drive the pulley to rotate too loose, causing the belt to slip and the eccentric shaft to tighten The bushing is loose, causing no gap on both sides of the bearing seat of the frame, making the eccentric shaft stuck and unable to rotate. The working site voltage is too low, and the host is unable to break after encountering large materials. The foundation of the host is unstable and there is no shock isolation measure. br/>
Through the analysis of the above two points, we understand the factors that cause the failure of the jaw crusher. We can start from these two aspects to reduce the failure of the jaw crusher. Gold Mine Heavy Industry recommends that users regularly perform Maintenance, increase machine life, safe and productive operation and production.