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Fixed hammer broken installation and disassembly is not convenient



2020-12-28 09:57:54 1058

The hammer crusher, also known as hammer crusher, is used for the medium and fine crushing of medium-hard materials. It is a rare crushing equipment that can be shaped at one time. The hammer crusher has been improved many times, its technology is more advanced, the structure is more reasonable, and it is wear-resistant High performance, stronger impact resistance, longer service life. Large feed size, large crushing ratio, super crushing force, one-time shaping, fine grain shape of the finished product, no need to set up a fine crusher for processing, which can save users about 45% Among the crushing equipment with the same investment cost, the price of hammer crushing is much lower than that of counterattack crushing, cone crushing and sand making machines, and it is more willing to be accepted by users.

The hammer crusher has a reasonable structure and long service life, which can save investment costs for users.

But there is no perfect person, and the hammer crusher also has its own limitations, especially with the arrival of a high-yield economy. People pay more and more attention to economic efficiency. In the production process, fixed hammer crushers need to be disassembled, transported, installed, and debugged with the change of sites, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, mobile hammer crushers have emerged in response to the trend and quickly seized the market.

The mobile hammer crusher has a high degree of automation and can be operated remotely to realize free transition operations.

The mobile hammer crusher has the excellent performance of fixed hammer crushing. On the basis, the mobile crushing station has been added with the characteristics of flexible and convenient movement, strong adaptability and good environmental protection effect. What features have been added to the mobile crusher

a strong mobility

The mobile hammer crusher has an independent movable chassis, which can travel flexibly in the highway mountain wetland climbing mining area, and has strong adaptability.

Secondly reduce the transportation cost of materials

The mobile hammer breaker can be driven into the site for direct processing, eliminating the need for long-distance transportation of materials away from the site and reducing transportation costs.

Three integrated complete sets

Compared with the traditional extension component form, the mobile hammer breaker adopts an integrated unit form, which eliminates complicated on-site infrastructure installation operations and greatly reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours.

The mobile hammer crusher has strong adaptability to the site and can realize one-time forming and crushing

The mobile hammer crusher crushes the stone on site , Without infrastructure, walk freely, make the production of crushed stone easier

The mobile hammer crusher has a flexible body and a controllable particle size

Four combinations are flexible and adaptable

The mobile hammer can operate independently, or can be configured flexibly and multi-machine combination according to customer needs.

Five reliable performance and convenient maintenance

The mobile hammer breaker adopts advanced motors, which are of high quality and guaranteed. It has the characteristics of low noise, environmental protection and energy saving, and it is more convenient for later maintenance.

Mixed use of six oil and electricity to ensure continuous operation

mobile The hammer breaker can be equipped with a generator set. The crawler-type mobile hammer breaker can be mixed with oil and electricity, and it can also ensure continuous operation and reduce losses in sudden situations such as no electricity or power failure.

Among them, the crawler type is mobile. Hammer breaking is more advanced. Compared with tire-type mobile hammer breaking, it requires semi-trailer head traction and simple debugging when reaching the construction site. Crawler-type mobile hammer breaking adopts crawler walking chassis, which is more adaptable to the road surface. During operation, It can be controlled remotely and does not need towing. In severe weather such as heavy rain and sun, the operator can easily complete it indoors.

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Of course, the price of crawler type is also higher than that of tire type. Users can choose according to their actual production needs. The advantages of mobile hammer crushers are not limited to this, in general From a point of view, the mobile hammer crusher will be a set of high investment and high return equipment. Intended customers can consult Redstar customer service for free, and we will provide you with more professional answers regarding the performance configuration and price of the mobile hammer crusher.