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Hammer crusher description



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Hammer crusher encyclopedia

Hammer crusher, abbreviated as hammer crusher, has a significant advantage in that it has a large crushing ratio. The crushed stones can be crushed to achieve a one-time molding effect. It is very economical and easy to use. The hammer crusher is mainly suitable for crushing medium-hard materials with a moisture content of not more than 15% and a compressive strength of not more than 100Mpa, such as coal gypsum bricks, limestone glass, etc., and the hammer crusher can also crush the fiber structure with strong elasticity and toughness. The crushed wood, paper and asbestos cement waste, etc., have a wide application range and strong practicability, and they play an important role in the field of sand and gravel crushing.

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hammer crusher is an impact crushing equipment, mainly relying on impact energy to achieve the crushing of materials. When the materials enter the crushing cavity, they will The first crushing occurs due to the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the hammer, and rushes to the baffle and screen in the machine body at high speed, and the second crushing occurs. At the same time, the materials also interact with each other. The impact causes the third crushing until it is smaller than the gap of the screen bar and is discharged from the gap. Individually larger materials are crushed on the screen bar by the impact grinding and extrusion of the hammer again until the particle size requirements are met.

There are many types of hammer crushers

As an earlier type of crushing equipment in the mining crushing industry, hammer crushers have many types and complete models, which can be roughly divided into three types , They are PC hammer crusher PCZ heavy hammer crusher PCX hammer shaping machine, each hammer crusher has different performance configuration, output and crushing effect. Among them, PCZ heavy hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio. The production capacity is high, and the application is wide. The maximum hourly output can reach 3000 tons per hour, which can meet the various production needs of users. The gravel is formed at one time, which is economical and practical.

There are many types of hammer crushers, and small hammers are commonly used to break pictures.

Hammer shapers have the dual functions of crushing and shaping

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In addition, the hammer crusher can also be combined with a movable frame to form The mobile hammer crusher is more mobile, flexible, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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The stone crushing site of the hammer crusher

Hearing is fictitious and seeing is believing. What is the crushing effect of the hammer crusher? Exactly.

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Applicable field of hammer crusher

Applicable hammer crusher It is used to crush various brittle minerals. The materials that are often crushed include coal salt, white subgypsum, alum bricks, limestone, etc., which can be used as crushing equipment for stone crushing, stone crushing, mine crushing, plastic crushing, garbage crushing, and other materials. There have been many achievements in industries such as chemical power and road construction. Relatively speaking, the more commonly used is the crushing field of coal products such as coal cinder and gangue.

The main working parts of the hammer crusher include The rotor of the hammer, the rotor is mainly composed of the spindle disc hammer shaft and the hammer. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., and its performance for crushing coal and other materials is outstanding, with many advantages

1hammer The crusher adopts the percussion crushing principle, the crushing process is formed at one time, the finished product has a good grain shape, and there is no excessive phenomenon. One hammer crusher can achieve the effect of multiple crushers, saving users investment costs.

2 The vulnerable parts of the hammer crusher are made of advanced wear-resistant materials, which are not easy to wear during the crushing process, have strong impact resistance, stable operation, low maintenance costs, and save operating costs.

3 Hammer crusher The whole machine has good airtightness, which can effectively solve the dust pollution and ash leakage in the stone crushing process.

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