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Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will reach a new level



2020-08-07 15:57:54 1070

Crushers play an immeasurable role in the field of railway construction. The construction of society cannot be separated from mining machinery and equipment, and Gold Mine mining machinery cannot be separated from the development and construction of society.
In the near future, after the 12th Five-Year Plan, railway construction The scale of investment will directly drive the demand growth of more than 10% of Chinas mining machinery market. For any company, the market scale shown by this data cannot be ignored. At present, almost many people in charge of engineering and mining machinery companies are concerned about railway construction. In particular, the construction of high-speed railways has paid great attention. Some companies hope that existing products can take the east wind of railway construction to a higher level, and some companies have set their sights on the development of new products. Of course, Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery does not Exception. Take crusher equipment as an example. This type of product is one of the products that are more obviously affected by railways, highways and bridges. Especially for railway construction, the use of piling products to build railways in the sky requires a large amount of sand and concrete aggregates. br/>Sand and gravel equipment mainly refers to equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crushing mechanism, sand machine, vibrating screen feeder and stone mill. It is widely used in the construction of high-speed railways. Facing China With the arrival of the peak period of high-speed railway construction, the market demand is particularly strong. However, due to the high-speed railway construction, the requirements for sand and concrete aggregates are relatively high, and large enterprises with this production capacity in the industry that meet the demand are at least ten Home and above.
Many sand and gravel equipment produced by Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., jaw crusher, impact stone crusher, spring cone stone crusher, impact stone crusher (new type of sand making machine), and vibratory feeding Machine vibrating screen sand washing machine hammer crusher and other equipment are widely installed in the construction of highways and high-speed railways in various provinces and cities across the country. They are indispensable equipment for national infrastructure.
According to the construction process of high-speed railways in various provinces and cities across the country, We are ready to serve the country, maintain close cooperation with many engineering units in various provinces and cities across the country, and provide users with all-round technical and service support on site. For large-scale projects with long construction periods, we will send special personnel to follow up and provide comprehensive services Customer site to improve business coverage.