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Henan more professional limestone jaw crusher manufacturer



2020-12-01 12:57:54 1046

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. The crushed limestone can be widely used as industrial raw materials for construction materials. The use of limestone jaw crushers to crush limestone can achieve mass production of limestone and form a scale effect. With strong crushing capacity and low overall energy consumption in the production process, the use of jaw crushers to crush limestone is a more economic and high-yield choice. From the distribution of domestic limestone jaw crusher manufacturers, Henan is an important distribution place. Henan has gradually transformed from a major agricultural province to a major industrial province. There are more and more manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of large-scale machinery and equipment. There are hundreds of jaw crusher manufacturers in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital. Although there are more manufacturers, they are very professional. There are not many, if you want to say that Henan is a better and more professional manufacturer, you have to count Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Factory.

Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. was originally called Henan Gold Mine Mine. Machinery Factory, Gold Mine is one of the top ten crushing equipment companies in China and a consumer-trusted company. Gold Mine is a leader in the industry in terms of quality service and the reputation of the manufacturer. The companys limestone jaw crusher has The following performance advantages

1 The operation rate is more reasonable

The operation rate of the limestone jaw crusher is high, indicating the operation of the limestone jaw crusher Long time, short downtime, low operation rate, indicating that the operation time of the limestone jaw crusher is short, and the downtime is long. After the Gold Mine limestone jaw crusher is modified, the operation rate is more reasonable, and the production output is higher. In the past, in order to increase the production output, the operation time of the equipment was continuously increased, which finally led to the phenomenon of short equipment maintenance time, which increased the total profit of production and extended the service life of the equipment.

2The particle size of the finished product is more uniform

In the past use of the limestone jaw crusher, the particle size of the finished product will be too coarse or too powdered. After the limestone jaw crusher has been modified, especially the mechanical structure of the jaw plate has been deeply optimized , The processed limestone has a better grain shape and a more uniform particle size. It also effectively avoids the phenomenon of clogging due to large limestone particles, greatly improving the output of the equipment and reducing the failure phenomenon due to clogging.

3 The crushing effect of large pieces of limestone is more significant.

In the process of crushing limestone, the traditional limestone jaw crusher does not have enough capacity to crush limestone materials with relatively large shapes. After the jaw crusher has been improved, it has sufficient capacity to complete the crushing of large pieces of limestone. The maximum feed size is 1500mm, which effectively solves the phenomenon that large pieces of limestone materials cannot be used, improves the utilization rate of limestone, and reduces the time cost of production. .