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How many models of sand (sand) machines are there? What are the output and quotation?



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Is the output of stone sand making machine high?

How many models of sand (sand) making machine are there?

Sand making machine equipment is not expensive

This is the question raised by the majority of investors about the equipment.

Under the situation where natural sand is very scarce, the demand for high-quality and good-grained machine-made sand is increasing, and it is gradually replacing natural sand. Occupy the market position to alleviate the current situation that the construction sand market is in short supply. Construction sand has its professional standards and requirements, which are different from the traditional sand making process. The efficient, high-performance and stable sand making machine equipment is the fundamental, and the sand making is heavy. In the sand production rate. So, which model of sand making machine has high sand output and how much is the investment of a set of sand making machine This article will address these issues and introduce them in detail, so that our customers can better invest and purchase.

Gold Mine sand making machine equipment delivery

Sand (sand) machine model and output

1.HVI impact Sand making machine

It is a new generation of sand making machine equipment. It adopts the working principle of combining stone hitting with stone and stone hitting iron. It has the effect of sand making and shaping, and the quality of the manufactured sand materials Higher, using a newly designed combined throwing head, the equipment is not easy to damage, can reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance, is a must-have sand making equipment for sand and gravel yard mining, coal mining, etc. The equipment output is 70,585 tons per hour, It is suitable for the production needs of mass users.

HVI impact sand making equipment

2.VSI sand making machine

It is a machine-made sand equipment developed after the introduction of German technology and high technology combined with customer site inspections. It adopts the working principle of stone-strike iron, deep cavity design, high sand making rate, green sand making, uniform output, high finished product grain shape It has advantages such as low investment cost and very high cost performance. It can provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for municipal concrete mixing stations for highways and railways high-rise buildings. The equipment output is designed to produce 60520 tons per hour, which is suitable for the output needs of public users.

VS sand making machine, high sand production rate

3. Mobile sand making (sand) machine

is a new type The high-tech sand making and crushing equipment is also one of the most popular sand making models in recent years. The whole machine includes four major systems for feeding, sand making, screening and conveying. It is a movable collection of crushing, sand making, and screening feed. The machine-made sand equipment with transportation as a whole forms a production line by itself. The walkable (sand) sand crusher has a small footprint, free and flexible transitions, and the equipment has excellent environmental performance. The intelligent operation process brings you a new sand making experience The equipment output is designed to produce 40,500 tons per hour. It is suitable for users who frequently change sites.

These three sand making machines are one of the equipment with very high sales volume at present, and the sand production rate is very high. It is a good choice for you to purchase sand making equipment.

Various collocations of mobile sand making machines Type

How much is the price of sand making (sand) machine equipment?

The price of sand making and crushing machine is also a question that every investor is concerned about. Sand making equipment The choice of model is exactly the requirement of output. For example, the price of sand making equipment with an hourly output of 40 tons and 400 tons per hour is very different. There are more types of sand making and crushing machines on the market, more than a dozen There are quotations of hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars, so how much is the specific sand making machine and the actual choice of the user is determined.

Sand making site live shooting

Sand making machine equipment production site video

Sand making equipment manufacturer introduction

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