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How much does it cost to invest in a sand making plant and what is the annual profit?



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I heard that sand is very expensive now, can I open a sand factory

What are the precautions for how much it costs to open a sand factory

Now, check the sand factory Is so strict, why some battlefields can not affect normal production, and some cant

How much does it cost to open a sand making plant and what is the profit?

Recently, I have received calls from users to inquire about investment in sand making equipment and opening up of sand making plants. Basically, it revolves around how much money is needed to set up a sand making plant and how to make annual profits. Redstar manufacturers will answer you in detail.

Its not as good as action, stone sand making can help you realize a million dreams

How much does it cost to invest in a sand making plant

Now Strictly check environmental protection, relevant departments have severely cracked down on illegal sand mining, and the mining of natural sand is also restricted. The supply of natural sand is insufficient, but the market demand for sand has increased unabated, and machine-made sand has become market sand. The main force of supply, the prospect of investing in a sand making plant at the moment is great, so how much does it cost to start a sand making plant

To open a sand making plant, first you need to go through the relevant procedures, rent the site, and hire workers And so on, but the spending giants still buy equipment. The quality of the equipment plays a decisive role in the success or failure of the sand making plant. The quality and reliability of the sand making equipment is excellent and reasonable. It can help you to pass the EIA easily, and the sand making. The production capacity of the field is more guaranteed to have better quality of finished products, and more competitive in the market. Thirdly, a reasonable sand production line can not only produce high yields, but also help you avoid waste of resources and save investment costs. Therefore, the purchase of equipment should be cautious. Look for powerful manufacturers, and the selection of equipment is also very important. You can contact a senior engineer to make scientific selection for you.

If you want high yield and high profit, one is good. Sand making equipment is the key. Redstar has a variety of sand making equipment available from stock to meet your various needs.

The investment cost of a sand making production line depends on your actual needs. After all, each user The production capacity requirements of processing materials, finished product specifications, processing technology and other requirements are different, and the applicable production line schemes are also different, and the corresponding quotations are also different. Generally, the smaller your production capacity, the simpler the production line configuration, and the more finished product requirements The lower the purchase cost, the lower the purchase cost. The investment cost of a sand production line ranges from tens of thousands to millions. If you want to get a specific quotation, you can click on the free consultation to inform you of your actual processing needs, and the Gold Mine staff will select and quote for you .

Work flow of sand making production line

How about the annual profit of investment in sand making plant

Current sand and gravel What is the market situation, I dont need to say more, even if it is ordinary sandstone, the market demand is huge, and the price remains high, and the high-quality sandstone with uniform particle size and low powder content is even more difficult. Seek, there is a price but no market.

2019 Sand and gravel prices in various places in December

As of the end of December, the national average price of machine-made sand was 111 yuan ton, which was 35 yuan ton lower than natural sand. In some areas lacking sand, there were sky-high prices for sand and gravel, such as sand in Dongguan. The price of stone has risen to 290 yuan, the price of sand and gravel in Foshan has risen to 280 yuan, and the price of sand and gravel in Zhuzhou, Hunan has risen to 210,220 yuan. The official website of China Sand and Stone Association also stated that this is also Chinas more recent decades. A serious shortage.

Sand famines frequently occur everywhere, and the investment in sand production lines is lucrative.

According to the average price of machine-made sand at 111 yuan tons Calculate, if you invest in a small and medium-sized sand making plant with an hourly output of 100 tons, which operates for 10 hours a day, the daily output of sand will be 1000 tons. The cost of one ton of rough stone is generally not more than 30 yuan, plus artificial site water and electricity, etc. Various miscellaneous expenses, according to the cost of 50 yuan per ton, the annual profit is (11,150) 1,000,365,22,265,000 yuan, which can reach tens of millions. Basically, you can return to the capital in a few months or less than a year. If you invest A sand and gravel plant with an hourly output of 200 tons, 300 tons and 500 tons will be more profitable.

What are the precautions for investing in a sand making plant?

You need to deal with the opening of a sand making plant. Related procedures, the more troublesome is the environmental assessment. If your sand making plant can meet the national environmental protection requirements, it can ensure smooth daily production, and it is not difficult to achieve high returns. Therefore, users can pay more attention to the equipment when purchasing sand making equipment. Environmental protection performance, under the premise of ensuring production capacity and finished product quality, control dust and noise and other pollutants as much as possible to achieve green production.

Mobile sand making machine one Multi-purpose, intelligent and flexible, high-yield sand making is cleaner

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Henan Gold Mine is engaged in the research and development of sand and gravel equipment After many years of casting, the equipment sold is independently developed and produced and sold at factory prices. Coupled with the low price level of Henan itself, Gold Mine equipment has a price advantage under the same quality.

Henan Gold Mine It has been focusing on sand and gravel equipment for more than forty years, and has mature experience in equipment casting selection. The equipment produced is more secure in terms of material selection and material casting technology, or gravel performance and service life, and Henan Gold Mine also Continuously rated as the preferred brand of green environmental protection for mining machinery in the country, the environmental performance of the equipment is also more guaranteed.

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