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How much does it cost to invest in a set of sand making equipment?



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The market demand for sand has never stopped, especially the vigorous development of basic engineering construction in recent years, and the demand for sand has increased greatly, which also proves that the development prospects of the production industry are fiery. According to the recent price trend of sand and stone, the price per ton of sand is about 80 yuan. The sand made by the sand making machine has a beautiful cost and good quality. How much is a set of 300 tons of sand making equipment per hour? If there is any specific configuration plan, lets take a look.

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300 tons of sand making per hour How much is the equipment

Common sand making equipment on the market includes crushing mechanism, sand washing machine, vibrating screen feeder, etc. Combining these equipments together constitutes a sand making production line. There are users Asked how much does it cost to configure a set of sand making equipment with an output of 300 tons per hour. It is understood that the price of a 300 tons per hour crushing production line on the market ranges from hundreds of thousands to several million. There is no accurate Production line price. Because of the different production needs of each user, the choice of sand making equipment is different and the equipment performance is also different. They are suitable for different production environments. According to the different driving methods, they can be divided into fixed sand making production lines and Mobile and environmentally friendly sand making production lines, the following describes the specific configuration schemes of these two sand making production lines.

Fixed sand making production flow chart

The configuration plan of 300 tons of sand making equipment per hour, (a fixed set of mobile and environmental protection)

The configuration schemes of 300 tons of sand making equipment per hour are varied and different. , The crushing equipment used is not the same in terms of applicable site equipment prices and other aspects. A good sand production plan for the majority of investment users can allow the crushing equipment to play all the advantages, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort and pay back faster. The plan is as follows

Fixed sand making equipment with an output of 300 tons of pebbles per hour

Equipment price 1.2 million

Equipment output 300th

Configuration plan Feeder (2 sets) HD98 jaw crusher PYB1750 cone crusher vibrating screen belt conveyor (3 sets) (equipped with environmentally friendly sand washing machine, the quality of the finished sand is better)

The applicable site is suitable for gentle roads. Due to site restrictions, it is necessary to choose the sand making site in advance, and complex processes such as piling and installation equipment are required. However, the fixed price is relatively cheaper and the equipment operation is also very stable.

Mobile environmentally friendly sand making equipment with an hourly output of 300 tons

equipment price 2.5 million

equipment output 300th

Configuration scheme HXCI1213 crawler mobile crusher HXT23HX2165 crawler mobile crusher.

The use of the site is mobile and flexible , The body is compact, the design is beautiful, the site can be changed at any time, the site requirements are small, and the construction site is not restricted, and it is mostly suitable for rugged and complex work sites such as construction waste recycling and ore mining.

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From the perspective of manufacturer strength, it is a professional In the ore crushing and sand making industry, a large-scale machine manufacturer with more than 40 years of production experience, has a standardized industrial plant of 260,000 square meters, and more than 2,300 online employees, including more than 160 engineering and technical personnel. The manufacturer is strong, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed.

From the aspect of manufacturers service, each cooperative user can enjoy the full service experience of Gold Mine pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. Professional technical engineers will configure a reasonable sand making production plan for you and choose the appropriate system. Sand production equipment and on-site installation services, one-to-one equipment technical training guidance, etc., really make users feel free to buy and use. If the majority of investment users have questions about investment details, site planning, equipment procurement, and production budgets, Gold Mine welcomes you at any time You can consult our professional customer service staff online to answer your doubts one by one until you are satisfied.

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