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How much is a new stone crushing production line, which one is better to choose?



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With the continuous growth of Chinas national economy in recent years, especially in the current domestic infrastructure, railway, highway, water conservancy and other basic engineering construction industries, the natural stone cannot meet the demand for daily materials, and the market has insufficient supply. The price of stone has been rising all the way. The emergence of new stone crushing equipment has solved the tension in this area, and the market investment prospects are broad. Many users have seen the huge investment advantages of new stone crushing equipment, and they want to invest in setting up factories. How much does it cost to purchase a new stone production line? Which one is better? Many users leave messages in the background to consult these questions. This article Gold Mine will answer these questions in detail for you.

Real shots of the new stone crushing production line

Big crushing ratio and high production efficiency

How much is a new stone crushing production line?

The stone crushing equipment produced by Gold Mine includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher and other crushing equipment. These are the main configurations in the stone production line, and a vibrating screen is also required. Auxiliary equipment such as feeder conveyors are used together to form a complete set of stone crushing production lines. There are two different configuration methods, fixed and mobile. Due to different user needs, different equipment configurations and different models, different manufacturers are different, and we cannot give you here. An accurate quotation, but I can give you a price reference range, in which the price of fixed stone crushing production line equipment is about 601.8 million, and the mobile automation is higher and the price is more expensive. The market price is about 303 million. The quotation is also determined according to the actual selection of the user.

The delivery site of the Gold Mine stone crushing equipment

The process flow description of the new stone crushing production line

The stone is first evenly fed into the coarse crusher by the feeder (generally the jaw crusher is selected) for preliminary crushing, and then conveyed by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher (or cone crusher hammer) Stone crusher, etc.) for further medium and fine crushing. The finely crushed stones are screened out by a vibrating screen to screen out stones of different specifications. The stones that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the impact crusher (or cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc.) Crushing again.

New stone crushing production line configuration schemes Fixed and mobile

Fixed new stone crushing production line

Choose silo vibration for core equipment Feeder, Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Vibrating Screen Conveyor

The stone production line has a high crushing rate, energy-saving crushing ratio and large output. The crushed products are cubic It is the equipment configuration of the stone crushing production line with good response on the market, and it is suitable for the construction of various large, medium and small projects such as highway bridge infrastructure and water conservancy.

Mobile type New stone crushing production line

Choose Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Station as the core equipment for counter-breaking mobile crushing station

Mobile new stone crushing production line, fully automated operation process, work The efficiency is more optimized, it breaks the fixed production method, does not require complicated equipment installation procedures, is flexible, and can freely enter and exit the construction site. It is not restricted by the site environment. Where there are raw materials, where is the work site, it can greatly improve user production. Efficiency and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise.

New stone crushing equipment manufacturer, which one is of good quality and low price

Gold Mine Machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore and stone crushing equipment The manufacturer, its production line equipment is exquisite in manufacturing technology, in order to win the trust of customers, always adhere to the user-oriented and customer-oriented sales concept. Gold Mines stone production line equipment configuration is mainly based on the customers stone specifications, output and use of the stone The specific situation of the users production site is determined, and we strive to develop a reasonable and economical production line for our customers.

Gold Mine Machinery Large Crushing Equipment Production Workshop

Gold Mine is Customers in the market are more optimistic about equipment manufacturers. We have developed a new stone production line for users with high energy-saving efficiency and stable equipment performance. Once listed, it has received strong support from customers and is deeply loved by everyone to become a mining crushing industry. The model representative of the company. And the factory direct sales, no middlemen earn the difference, the price is more favorable. Hurry up and click on the online consultation to contact us, and the Gold Mine customer service staff will be happy to serve you.

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