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Advantages of jaw crusher



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Jaw crusher is a widely used crusher in recent years. It is favored by users for its unique performance. This equipment has a very wide range of applications. It is used in various ore and Crushing of bulk materials.

Introduction to the advantages of jaw crusher

1 Simplified structure

With the continuous advancement of mining technology, the jaw crusher is also constantly improved and optimized. In recent years, while its performance has been improved, its structure has also been simplified, which is more convenient for maintenance. The maintenance time is greatly shortened, the working efficiency of the crusher is greatly improved, and it conforms to the development trend of simplicity and high production required by the current society.

The structure of the jaw crusher Figure

2 Stable performance

The jaw crusher has many advantages, among which the more prominent advantages are the heavy eccentric shaft and large bearing of the movable jaw of the jaw crusher They are all made of high manganese steel materials, so these components are very wear-resistant, and the use time is relatively long, so that the equipment can be operated under high-intensity pressure.

Different types of jaw crushers

3 discharge ports are easy to adjust

The discharge ports of jaw crushers are different from those of other crushers. Users can There are two ways to adjust the size of the discharge port. One is to adjust the machine without adding or subtracting gaskets, which is simple and quick to operate, and the other is to change the size of the discharge port by increasing or reducing the number of gaskets.

European version of jaw crushing equipment

4 energy saving equipment

The crushing cavity is equipped with movable jaw and fixed jaw, which is more It is conducive to crushing harder materials, so that it has the excellent performance of high processing capacity, low wear and low energy consumption.

The staff inspect the jaw crusher site

5 parts with strong wear resistance

The special crushing cavity of the jaw crusher also makes the utilization rate of the jaw plate material higher. The jaw plate can be interchanged and turned for four times, which improves the utilization of materials. The equipment uses advanced manufacturing technology and materials to greatly enhance its compression and wear resistance, and also greatly extend the service life of the machine.

Jaw plate of jaw crusher

Understanding the advantages and characteristics of the above-mentioned jaw crusher, I believe that many users also have a clear direction on what equipment to choose. Then quickly click on the online consultation to get more equipment consultation and price details.