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How to choose jaw crusher for fluorite crushing



2020-11-09 12:57:54 1111

China has abundant fluorspar resources, mainly distributed in Hebei, Jiangxi, Shandong and other places. Fluorspar, as an ore that is less hard than a knife, has developed in the production of hydrofluoric acid and aluminum smelting building materials. Its raw ore is crushed. , The types of equipment selected by different investment processors may be different. Some customers will ask, what about the fluorspar crushing and selecting jaw crusher. For this question, Henan Gold Mine will give the answer.

1. Strong crushing effect. Because the equipment adopts advanced technology and improves the production structure, the jaw crusher has strong crushing force for minerals with hardness such as fluorine ore, good crushing effect, and gasket-type discharge The adjustment device has a large discharge adjustment range.

2. The stability is more reliable. Taking the jaw breaker produced by Henan Gold Mine Machine as an example, a larger forging blank is used to process a heavy eccentric shaft with high manganese The steel jaw plate and the high-grade cast steel movable jaw assembly have stronger bearing capacity and more reliable stability during the crushing process of fluorspar.

3. The maintenance work is simpler. Jaw crushing Since the development of the machine, many components have been streamlined, making the overall structure of the equipment simple and high-yielding, especially the centralized lubrication system is adopted.This special design makes the processing of fluorspar faster in operation and maintenance, and the maintenance workload is greatly reduced.

4. The environmental protection effect is more prominent. The equipment is formulated with reference to the national environmental protection standards, and has low noise, which reduces the noise pollution problems common to other equipment. In addition, according to user needs, it can also be equipped with dust removal devices , Reduce more dust and improve the working environment, which is conducive to the better development of fluorspar crushing operations.

In general, jaw crushing is selected for fluorspar crushing. The machine is economical and cost-effective. The jaw crusher produced by Henan Gold Mine Machinery has a good crushing effect on fluorspar, and the model is complete. Users can come here to buy, and they will definitely choose products with preferential prices.