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How to improve the production capacity of jaw crushers to solve your problems in crushing production



2021-01-21 03:57:55 1065

The production capacity of the jaw crusher is affected by many factors such as the nature of the ore (such as the hardness of the material in and out of the material), the type, specification and size of the crusher, and the operation mode of the crusher (such as whether the material is evenly fed), etc., resulting in the production process of the jaw crusher There is a situation where the production capacity cannot meet the users production requirements. In order to make the products meet the users use requirements, Gold Mine further improves product quality and enhances the competitiveness of the market. Today Gold Mine addresses this issue and proposes several scientific and feasible optimizations for you Method to improve the production capacity of jaw crusher.

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Improve the production capacity of jaw crusher

1 The feeding should be uniform and the feeding amount should be strictly controlled.

When feeding, it should be added according to the actual production situation of the user, and the feeding must be uniform. Dont let materials with too large and hard materials with high water content or non-crushed materials such as iron blocks enter the crushing cavity. These are all factors that affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher.

2 Should be timely Adjust the size of the discharge port

In crushing production, adjust the size of the discharge port in time according to the nature of the material (the adjustable range is generally 10mm300mm), which can not only improve production capacity, but also prevent machine blockage. Improve the working speed of the machine.

3 The eccentric shaft speed should be adjusted accurately

In the crushing work, the production capacity of the jaw crusher will increase with the increase of the eccentric shaft speed. When the speed reaches a certain value, the production capacity of the crusher is greater, and the production capacity of the equipment will be stronger. Choosing an appropriate eccentric shaft speed can increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption.

4 Should be selected Crushing equipment accessories with good wear resistance

The better the wear resistance of the crushing parts (hammer jaws) of the crushing equipment, the greater the crushing capacity. If it is not wear-resistant, it will affect the jaw crusher Crushing capacity.

5 Choose the right equipment and put the right materials to reduce equipment jams

Material jams will seriously reduce the production capacity of the jaw crusher, and the properties of different materials (The hardness, humidity and viscosity of the material) The improper model of the equipment is used, the parameter of the machine is improper, the size of the discharge port is unreasonable, and excessive feeding will cause the equipment to jam. Therefore, in the crushing production, the phenomenon of equipment jam should be reduced and the jaw crusher should be improved.

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Crushing equipment is equipped with vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen conveyor

The investment cost is about 200,000,100

300 tons per hour Jaw crusher production site real shots

The choice of jaw crusher equipment manufacturers is very important.

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