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How to install and maintain the impact crusher



2020-11-04 03:57:54 1025

The impact crusher is a widely used crushing equipment. The equipment will age after a long time. There are also some problems caused by improper operation and component wear. In order to make the impact crusher better serve the majority of users, it must be correct Installation of impact crusher, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to in daily maintenance.

Small problems to pay attention to in installation

1 Everyone knows that the impact crusher uses a high-speed rotating impact head to crush materials. Therefore, when installing the rotating shaft, it must be installed horizontally, and the error must be ensured within a certain range. This is very Important, because if the rotating shafts of the impact crusher are installed incorrectly, the equipment must not operate normally.

2 It can be achieved by adjusting the gap between the impact head of the impact crusher and the grate. For different crushing particle size requirements, the gap between the impact head and the grate bar can be adjusted by the two eccentric wheels at the bottom of the grate bar, and the gap of the grate bar itself can be adjusted accordingly by adding or subtracting gaskets according to the crushing particle size requirements.

Small problems to pay attention to in use

1 After using for a period of time, if you need to replace the counterattack head, pay attention to the relative position Replace in pairs, otherwise it will cause the unbalance of the rotor rotation, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.

2 During the use of the impact crusher, the wear of the liner impact head and grate should be Perform frequent inspections. If you find that the wear is serious, you should replace it in time. It should be noted that the impact head can be repaired with alloy welding rod after wear, and it can be used after repair. The symmetrical balance of the surfacing must be ensured to avoid unbalanced operation of the equipment.

3 The temperature of the rotor of the impact crusher shall not exceed 70 during operation. Once it is found to exceed 70, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and treatment.

4 The impact crusher is working The bearing needs to be lubricated at eight hours, and the lubricating oil must be replaced every three months. This is the case of using thin oil lubrication. If dry oil lubrication is used, then the dry oil cup gland should be tightened 23 times per shift , And add a certain amount of dry oil, and clean the bearings every six months.