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How to prevent fatigue wear of hammer crusher



2020-10-17 12:57:54 1043

There are many reasons for the wear of hammer crusher components. Some of these factors can be avoided and some are unavoidable. In order to make the hammer crusher use longer, we should avoid those factors that can be done, such as The long-term and large amount of work of the hammer crusher has caused the fatigue of the hammer crusher and the parts are worn out. At this time, we can take some measures to reduce the fatigue of the hammer crusher. What should we do?

Lets first analyze the impact of the material on the hammer crusher. The presence of non-inclusions in steel can easily cause stress concentration, and the edges of these inclusions are easier to form Cracks, thereby reducing the contact fatigue life of the material. The structural state of the material, internal defects, etc., also have an important impact on wear. Generally, fine grains and uniform carbides are spherical and uniformly distributed, which are beneficial to improve the rolling contact fatigue life. Bearing steel After treatment, the more retained austenite, the thicker the acicular martensite, the lower the beneficial residual compressive stress of the surface layer and the strength of the carburized layer, the easier it is for microcracks to occur. Under the same condition of the unmelted carbide state, When the mass fraction of carbon in martensite is about 0.4% to 0.5%, the strength and toughness of the material are well matched, and the contact fatigue life is high. For undissolved carbides, through appropriate heat treatment, it tends to be less and smaller. Uniform distribution, avoiding the appearance of coarse or band-shaped carbides, are beneficial to eliminate fatigue cracks. The hardness increases within a certain range, and its contact fatigue resistance will increase. In addition, the matching of the surface hardness of the two contact rolling elements is also very important. .
In addition, the materials of the hammer crusher must be strictly screened, and must match the model of the hammer crusher, otherwise it will only make the hammer crusher work overload, and the crushing effect is not very good. Good, so in order to reduce the fatigue of the hammer crusher, we must pay attention to the compatibility of the hammer crusher in all aspects, and regularly add lubricating oil to the hammer crusher.