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How to replace the hammer head of impact crusher



2020-10-20 18:57:54 1035

The working environment of the impact crusher is relatively harsh, and the strength and hardness of the crushed materials are relatively large, so it will cause serious wear of the vulnerable parts. Among them, the hammer is a component that is easy to wear and replace, so how to replace the hammer of the impact crusher

First, clean the material in the impact crusher port before replacement, then adjust the rotor to a suitable position and fix it.

Oxygen cuts the fixing bolts of the hammer head and removes the bulges caused by the wear on both sides of the hammer head.

Three support the hammer head to drive out the pin shaft. If the pin shaft is bent and cannot be drawn out, cut it with oxygen and then take it out. Put the removed hammer pin shaft fixing sleeve bolts in the place that affects the construction.

Impact crusher rotor

Four Jiangxin The hammer head is raised to the impact crusher port. If you use a pipe or crowbar to lift the hammer head, you must hold the hammer head to prevent its deviation. Install a pipe from the grate bed to the rotor, and hold the hammer head to the appropriate position. , Pay attention to the head of the hammer head facing down to prevent the hammer head from slipping and hurting people, and then install the fixing sleeve and the pin shaft bolt.

5 When replacing the hammer head, carefully check the weight of each hammer head , As far as possible to ensure the balance of the rotor, after installation, you need to turn the car to check. Gold Mine Heavy Industry reminds users that after the hammer is installed, the bolts should be welded and fixed.

Six-turn rotor body to observe the hammer The clearance with the sieve plate, if necessary, the sieve plate can be adjusted. After the installation work is completed, the site should be cleaned in time, and all personnel should be evacuated to test the machine and observe the current and vibration conditions.

Impact crusher hammer head