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How to solve the damage of the thrust plate of the jaw crusher



2020-10-05 15:57:54 1057

In the composition structure of the jaw crusher, in addition to the well-known components such as the movable jaw and the static jaw, there is also a thrust plate of the internal force transmission device of the crusher. The thrust plate is a kind of load-bearing equipment that provides power for the movable jaw and has high hardness. , Under normal circumstances, it can be used for 23 years, but due to the complexity of the material crushed by the jaw crusher, occasionally there will be stones that are not easily broken in the stone, which will cause the thrust plate to be damaged by the increase in the counterattack force, which affects the jaw crusher. In order to ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher, how to solve the damage of the thrust plate has become one of the main points of equipment improvement of many manufacturers.

After many experiments, our factory finally designed a combined thrust plate. The combined thrust plate is made by casting the thrust plate into two pieces, and then connecting them with screws, and opening a groove or several small pieces in the thrust plate. The hole reduces its section strength. When some super-hard or unbreakable stones or iron blocks are used in the crushing cavity, the thrust plate can be effectively avoided and discharged from the special discharge port, thereby avoiding the damage of the thrust plate.

At present, the jaw crushers produced by our factory are equipped with corresponding thrust plates. It is our aim to strive to provide users with high-yield and energy-saving crushing equipment. Please look for the Gold Mine trademark.