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Although the sparrow is small and has all five internal organs, the strength of the small jaw cannot be ignored



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The small jaw crusher basically refers to the jaw crusher with an hourly output of less than 100 tons. The advantages of the small jaw crusher are its small size, flexible configuration, small footprint, and affordable price. The small jaw crusher is more flexible and has high strength. Although small and complete, the gravel industry has gradually developed like a refined and simplified development, and the crushing strength of small jaws is more and more not to be ignored.

One, small jaws are broken. Visceral composition and operation mechanism

1, small jaw broken viscera composition

The small jaw broken is mainly composed of jaw plate eccentric shaft flywheel spring device gasket device, etc. The jaw plate is a small jaw For broken pieces, whether the crushing effect is good or not depends on the material and design of the jaw plate. During the operation of the small jaw crusher, the eccentric shaft has to withstand greater pressure. Generally, it is made of high carbon steel. The flywheel is the energy storage element of the small jaw crusher. To ensure its stable operation, the spring device is used to protect the whole machine, balance the inertial force of the movable jaw and the toggle plate, and the washer device is used to adjust the size of the discharge port.

2, small jaw breaking operation mechanism

The operation principle of the small jaw crusher is the same as other jaw crushers. The interaction between the movable jaw plate and the static jaw plate is used to crush the stone. First, the stone material that meets the feeding range of the small jaw crusher is fed by a vibrating feeder. Into the crushing cavity, during the operation process, the movable jaw plate is constantly swinging, sometimes close and far away from the static jaw plate, the two jaw plates form a gravel space, and the mineral material between the two will be squeezed when the two are close to each other. The two jaw plates form a v-shaped crushing cavity to meet the discharge of the finished stone from the lower end of the v-shaped discharge port, and the particle size of the finished product is uniform and neat.

Second, the small jaw crusher has strong strength and high crushing efficiency.

Although the small jaw crusher is small in size, it has strong compression resistance and can reach 320 MPa, which can be easily crushed. Most of the ores, like our common granite, iron ore, aluminum ore, quartz stone, cobblestone, river pebble, diabase, basalt, shale, etc., are made of composite wear-resistant materials, which have stronger compression and corrosion resistance, and can reduce the particle size The ore of about 500mm is crushed to below 100mm at a time, and the crushing ratio is very large. It is suitable for coarse crushing of ore. The failure rate of the small jaw crusher is low, which can greatly reduce the subsequent production and maintenance costs and increase the users production income. The internal small jaw crusher The structure is reasonable, there is no dead zone in the crushing, and the complete dust removal device and noise removal device are equipped with good environmental protection and energy saving.

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