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Hydraulic cone crusher is new technology and new product



2020-09-22 06:57:54 1101

At present, the cone crusher developed by Henan Gold Mine Company has higher technological content than the previous one, which is mainly reflected in the hydraulic pressure. It is also the equipment that everyone needs at present. When developing the hydraulic cone crusher, it has also paid hard work. , For hydraulic cone crushers, there are also certain skills and practicality. We will discuss the specifics with you.

1. Reliable sealing
Use labyrinth The type sealing device replaces the water type seal used in the past, so that dust and impurities cannot enter the body of the human machine, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, extending the service life of the sliding bearing thrust ball bearing, and making the machine run reliably.
2. Easy to replace
In the past, the replacement of the broken wall by the crusher was very slow. The new structure of the PYX1600 crusher can replace the broken wall very quickly. Because the upper broken wall is equipped with a clip, the broken wall can be fixed with a bolt. The fixing is fastened with hydraulic nuts. No filling material is needed on the back of the upper and lower broken walls, so the replacement is fast, reducing the labor intensity of workers.
3. Adjusting the opening
The machine uses high-pressure resistant displacement. The sensor is used to adjust the position of the discharge port in the operating room. As long as a button is pressed, there is a display on the console, and you can see the size of the discharge port that needs to be adjusted, which is very convenient and accurate.
Everyone can I can see the advantages of cone crushers from the above, but many people find that it is so normal to use them. These are related to the operation of hydraulic cone crushers by our users. Some customers say that the use of hydraulic cone crushers is very good, and it is obvious It is caused by our improper operation, so we must pay attention to operational problems when using it. If you dont understand anything, you can log in to for consultation or view information.