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Impact breaking plays an important role in the utilization of slag



2020-07-29 00:57:54 1092

The use of slag is not surprising, but in the use of slag, who made the slag resources more meaningful, who made the contribution, the answer is the impact crusher. It really plays a very important role in the use of slag resources.

Impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, has a wide range of uses and its performance has reached an advanced level. It is currently an effective, practical and reliable stone crushing machine, especially suitable for making abrasive quartz sand steel sand refractory Material: Iron ore, cement, slag powder, copper ore, concrete aggregate, gold ore, asphalt aggregate and other hard and brittle materials are finely crushed and medium crushed. It is a high-yield and energy-saving stone crushing equipment. It is precisely because of this impact crusher Function, it has a very good effect on the processing of fly ash slag slag slag. It is well known that the glazed brick produced by using fly ash slag blast furnace slag involves a kind of glazed brick containing industrial waste raw materials. Now, powder The treatment of coal ash slag and blast furnace water slag has always been a problem that plagues people.

Impact crusher turns harm into profit and waste into treasure, providing a way to use waste fly ash slag blast furnace water The glazed bricks produced from slag contain clay greenstone, fly ash slag and blast furnace water slag. The weight parts of the above raw materials are 2636 parts of fly ash slag, 2838 parts of green rock, and 2131 parts of clay. 515 parts of blast furnace water slag. The present invention makes full use of a large amount of waste coal ash slag blast furnace water slag resources in China to prepare glazed bricks, it reduces the cost, the product appearance quality and physical indicators have reached national standards, and the product quality is good and can be improved The economic benefits and market competitiveness of the production enterprises, the use of fly ash slag blast furnace water slag to produce glazed bricks has created a new way to treat the three wastes.

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