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Impact crusher accessories



2020-11-03 18:57:54 1042

The main accessories of the impact crusher include side guards, side hammers, square steel counters and liners and compression blocks. These accessories are an important part of the impact crusher. With these accessories, the impact crusher can achieve high production. Operation. The parts of the impact crusher need to be replaced in time, they are also called the vulnerable parts of the crusher.

1 side guard

The side guard plate is a vulnerable part of the impact crusher. After a period of wear and tear, the side guard plate will age, its anti-strike ability will also decrease, and the liner will often be shot down, and it will also cause The sealing performance of the impact crusher is reduced, and larger dust will be easily generated later. There are also certain rules for the replacement of the side guards. It is necessary to open and then load the rack, remove the cotter pin slotted nuts and bolts that fix the side guards, and finally The side guards can be replaced.

2Blade hammer

The hammer of impact crusher is made of high chromium alloy, and Using new manufacturing technology and special structural design, the crushed product can be made into a cube without tension or cracks. After a certain period of operation of the hammer, there will be wear and tear. If the wear seriously affects the crushing effect, it must be timely If it is not replaced in time, it may affect the damage of fasteners and other parts. When adjusting the blower, first use the hydraulic flip device to open the back cover, and then rotate the rotor to turn the blower that needs adjustment or replacement to Check the repair place, and then fix the rotor.

3 square steel

The function of the impact crusher square steel is to prevent the material from being discharged from the front. The steel is square and can be divided into seam and seamless. Seamed square steel is welded together by steel plates to make square steel pipes, and seamless square steel is made from seamless steel pipes. The impact crushers The square steel fittings adopt a strict heat treatment process, which makes their wear resistance very high.

4 Counterattack liner

The counter and liner are made of modified high manganese steel super High manganese steel ultra-high chromium cast iron material, after compound modification treatment, refine the grain, purify the grain boundary, control the solidification method during the casting process, optimize the heat treatment process, so that the liner has high hardness, good toughness and high wear resistance. When the plate is installed, it needs to be opened and then put on the shelf. The liner is allowed to be interchanged in areas with heavier wear and areas with less wear.

5 Compression block

The compaction block is another vulnerable part of the impact crusher. It has the advantages of good wear resistance and high strength. It is widely used in various mining machinery. After the load test operation is completed, the compaction block should be Adjustments.