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Impact crusher has an irreplaceable role



2020-08-18 15:57:54 1052

The impact crusher can be used in many industries. In the cement industry, in the process, a large number of cabinet materials (limestone, etc.), fuel or half-off, are designed to improve the efficiency of drying and grinding equipment, while easy materials (limestone, etc.) ) Before, transportation and storage.

Impact crusher, the overall strength of the equipment is high, easy to use, low maintenance rate, can adjust the size of the finished product. High efficiency and safety Good performance, the companys crusher wear parts have high strength, the Torrington bearing national inspection-free export products of key components, equipment, one-time investment, and effective. Compared with cone crushers, impact crushers, they have less investment and finished products One less stone, low production cost and hammer crusher wear parts for a long time, high output, after small investment. Compared with the companys impact crusher, the impact crusher has a larger crushing ratio than the hammer crusher. , And can make better use of the high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor.

However, because the impact crushers hammer is very easy to wear and break the restrictions on the application of hard materials, the impact crusher is usually used Come coarsely crushed, medium crushed or crushed limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, pyrite, gypsum and chemical raw materials, construction waste, such as the following hard and brittle materials. This type of crusher is used in the treatment of construction waste An irreplaceable role.

The main products produced by Henan Gold Mine Machinery include jaw crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, impact crushers, Cone crusher, compound crusher, fine crusher, single-stage crusher, roller crusher, mobile crushing station, belt conveyor, sand production line, linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, vibration Heavy crushing equipment such as feeders.