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Impact crusher helps cement production



2020-10-05 18:57:54 1035

We all know that many places are currently engaged in large-scale construction. With the increase in large-scale construction, the production of many cement plants has been promoted. Therefore, for cement plants, how to improve the production efficiency and quality of cement has become the top priority. At the same time, as the impact crusher in aquatic products, it is more important crushing equipment. The crushing capacity of the impact crusher directly determines the efficiency of cement production.

In The materials that need to be crushed in the cement production line are mainly limestone and clay, which are two kinds of materials with very different physical properties. If we want to improve the production efficiency of cement, we can mix limestone and clay through an impact crusher. In this In the mixing and crushing, the limestone with higher hardness is wrapped by the wet material clay, the dust is reduced, the viscosity of the crushed stone and the wet soil mixture is reduced, the fluidity is increased, and the blockage of the chute is reduced. The performance of stacking and rake in the pre-homogenization yard. If this clay is processed separately, it is not only necessary to add another set of equipment, but also its transportation, storage and digging are very difficult, and many of them have been broken. In the subsequent transportation and storage process, it is re-bonded and compacted, which seriously affects the efficiency of production.

However, in this type of crushing, only the impact crusher is more suitable, and other crushing equipment cannot It is well adapted to such a mixed crusher. So how users choose the right impact crusher is the key to cement production in cement plants. Choosing the right impact crusher can help cement production.