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Impact crusher, road crusher, professional crusher



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The road crusher is a professional crusher. Chinas railways and highways are developing rapidly, but overall, the per capita level is still relatively low, so there is still a lot of room for development. In recent years, the importance of infrastructure construction And advancement has also promoted the overall level of transportation to a new level, and the broad market demand has also promoted the development of many industries. Engineering construction is inseparable from the demand for construction machinery and mining machinery, and the production of railway ballast and construction aggregates Various types of rock crusher equipment are required.

The jaw crusher is a commonly used rock crusher. The rock crusher can process materials of different sizes. Crushing into small pieces with uniform particles, the stone crusher can be used with sand making equipment for beneficiation equipment or used alone. The stone crusher can also produce roadbed, railway ballast and construction aggregates. According to the different stages of use , The stone crusher is divided into coarse crushing jaw crusher and fine crushing jaw crusher, which is commonly referred to as PE series jaw crusher and PEX series jaw crusher equipment.

Another typical railway ballast and construction gravel production crusher is an impact crusher. The working principle of the impact crusher is that the ore is fed in from the inlet and goes down along the screen. Sliding, the ore on the screen is crushed by the cemented carbide hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor during the falling process, and flies to the first counterattack plate in the tangential direction at a very high speed, so that the ore continues to be broken, the counterattack plate It knocks the ore back and collides with other ore thrown behind the rotor, so the ore in the first crushing cavity is repeatedly impacted and crushed. After some ore is crushed to a certain size in the first crushing cavity, it passes through the counterattack plate and The gap between the rotors is discharged into the second crushing cavity, and it continues to be repeatedly hit until the particle size is reduced before being discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the crusher. As the same commonly used stone crusher equipment, the impact crusher is passed by Gold Mine Heavy Industry With the improvement of science and technology, the new European version of the impact crusher can independently choose three-cavity crushing and two-cavity crushing, which enhances the application range of the impact crusher in the crushing process.

The third type of more commonly used stone breaking machine is called sand making machine, also called stone breaking machine or impact crusher. Impact sand making machine has obvious advantages in similar sand making machine products. Of course, in There are also certain shortcomings in application and energy consumption. The impact sand making machine uses a deep cavity rotor to extend the material fall time and increase the centrifugal force of the material, thereby achieving more efficient material crushing and sand making. After a long-term test by Henan Gold Mine, this method It can realize the stable and high output of the sand making machine with relatively high yield. From the perspective of the breadth of application and the energy consumption of the equipment, the sand making machine is currently used more frequently in sand making and the counterattack high-yield sand making machine. This equipment has a very good effect on the fine crushing of ore. , It is driven by a single motor, which is more energy-saving.

In the production of gravel and sand in railway, highway and bridge projects, a series of special equipment is usually required to form a complete production line. In order to make large pieces of ore into the required particle size to meet the requirements of engineering construction Need. The selection of equipment needs to be determined according to the size of the raw material ores, the size of the finished product, the output requirements, etc., in order to achieve economical, reasonable, high-yield, and energy-saving.

Stone production line Flow chart

Flow chart of sand making production line

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