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Important work lubrication of jaw crusher



2020-07-28 18:57:54 1050

When you use the jaw crusher, we all hope that our jaw crusher can run longer and have a longer service life, but what can we do? These are all things that we need to think about. First of all, we have to think of the equipment itself, and finally we have analyzed it. If we want our jaw crusher to be used better, then we need to do a good job in the lubrication of our jaw crusher

During the working process of the jaw crusher, the friction surfaces should be timely and reliably lubricated to ensure the long-term normal operation of the crusher. Therefore, the Special attention must be paid to lubrication. Otherwise it will cause accidents or even major accidents. Especially in winter, if there is a possibility of solidification of dry oil, you can add 20% (calculated by weight) of automotive lubricants to it for lubrication. Each contact surface The lubrication must be comprehensive and uniform. However, the filling degree of the lubricant in the rolling bearing housing should not exceed 5070% of its volume. According to the operating conditions, the oil can be filled every 12 days, and it is recommended to change the lubricant every quarter. At the same time. , The bearings are thoroughly cleaned and then inspected. Practice has proved that adding and replacing lubricating oil on schedule can prolong the service life of bearings and other parts.
As long as we do these well, then our jaw crusher will follow Our will to achieve our goal, the life of the natural jaw crusher will also be lengthened, I hope everyone can do all aspects of the lubrication work, and then make our common development and contribute to our country, Henan Gold Mine Machine Production The main products are jaw crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, compound crushers, fine crushers, single-stage crushers, pair-roll crushers, mobile Type crushing station, belt conveyor, sand and gravel production line, linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, vibrating feeder and other heavy crushing equipment.
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