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Improvement plan for the weakness of single-stage crusher components



2020-10-24 15:57:54 1050

According to the advanced finite element calculation technology, our company carries out the strength calculation and optimization design of the single-stage crusher structure. Aiming at the short-lived and easy-to-damage rotor life of the single-stage crusher, the crusher output is low and coarse particle size and other weaknesses. For the reinforced crusher rotor, the design process is aimed at the weak links on the rotor and uses in-situ reinforcement technology to effectively improve the components. The following article mainly introduces the improvement plan of the weakness of the single-stage crusher from the following four aspects.

1 The outer edge of the hammer plate is thickened and heightened, and the WHM two-step superhard surface deposition technology is adopted, which is more than twice the life of the conventional surfacing.

2 After finite element analysis and calculation, the main shaft is changed from the original square to round, the weight is greatly reduced, the static and dynamic characteristics of the structure are more in line with the overall performance requirements, and the manufacturing cost is reduced by 20%.

3 Perfectly solves the relationship between the hammer heads wear resistance and strength. The high-speed hammer head is that the Mohs hardness is greater than seven. When the hard material collides, the wear condition is quite harsh. Therefore, the hammer head The wear resistance has become an important criterion for users to choose a single-stage crusher. At present, in the crushing industry, a prominent problem is the contradiction between the hammer wear resistance and toughness. Through digital simulation analysis, it is at the same time with the scientific research of colleges and universities. The results are combined, the alloying ratio of the materials is adjusted, the casting process of the hammer is improved, and the quality of the product is greatly improved, and the wear resistance is increased by 50% to 150%.

4 Without changing the external dimensions, we have increased the life of the hammer shaft and hammer shaft bushing by 30% by adjusting the alloy ratio of the material and improving the heat treatment process.

In short. , Through the use of digital analysis technology, the improvement of the rotor of the large single-stage crusher has achieved great success.