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Improving methods for structural defects of jaw crusher



2020-11-15 18:57:54 1035

In actual production and operation, the structure of the jaw crusher will have some problems. For example, there is an empty stroke in the moving jaw movement, which increases the consumption of non-production power and component wear. When crushing viscous and wet materials, the jaw plate is easy to aggregate. When the material mouth is blocked when crushing the ore with a smooth surface and a special shape, it is easy to bounce back to the ore, which is likely to cause a decrease in productivity and a safety accident. When the vulnerable parts are running, the failure of the vulnerable parts cannot be found in time, which affects the jaw crusher. Productivity, etc. The occurrence of these phenomena will affect the production of users, affect efficiency, and delay production. The following Henan Gold Mine will give corresponding solutions to these phenomena to help users solve problems.

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One empty stroke

For the operation process of the jaw crusher The hollow stroke phenomenon in the middle can be solved by a double cavity jaw crusher. When a single jaw body is still used, the upper fixed and movable jaws can be exchanged regularly to relieve the pressure on the fasteners.

Second crushing of sticky and wet materials

For the jaw crusher to deal with sticky and wet materials that are easy to block, you can sprinkle anti-sticking powder at the inlet and regularly check the jaws of the outlet. The accumulated material on the upper side is cleaned to ensure the unobstructed discharge port, and the blockage rate of the discharge port is reduced by 80% compared with the original, so as to ensure the normal working process of the jaw crusher.

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Three crushing smooth and special-shaped materials

For the jaw crusher to handle smooth Or the phenomenon that materials with special shapes are easy to spring back, we can solve the problem by ensuring that the various forces in the crushing cavity are flat, that is, the total force of each force is 0. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the jaw angle of the jaw to the ore is smaller than the jaw The friction angle between the plate and the ore is doubled.

Four wearing parts maintenance

For the wearing parts inside the jaw crusher, we need to regularly check the vulnerable parts. Inspection and maintenance of parts, and vibration detection, do a good job of fastening easy loose parts, and regular lubrication of vulnerable parts to reduce the probability of equipment failure.

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