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Improving the efficiency of the jaw crusher



2020-08-01 09:57:54 1037

How to improve the production efficiency of the jaw crusher must be a problem that we all are very concerned about, and it is also a problem that we all must discuss. Only when the production efficiency of our jaw crusher is improved, we will have a good life. In order to study this The problem Our Gold Mine Company has also made great efforts, and finally the efforts have paid off, and finally we have developed a better method, as follows
adjust the size of the discharge port, that is, change the size of the biting angle. In actual production, the size of the discharge port is adjusted according to the requirements of the discharge particle size. Therefore, it is reasonable to enlarge the discharge port as much as possible under the requirement of ensuring the product size. The size of the discharge port can be adjusted by adjusting the block. When adjusting the size of the discharge port, pay attention to the relationship between the crushing ratio and the productivity. Within a certain range, increasing the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher can increase the production capacity of the crusher, but it will also Increase the power consumption of crushing unit weight of ore. If the speed is too large, the crushed ore in the crushing cavity will not be discharged in time, and blockage will occur, which will reduce the production capacity and increase the power consumption. Therefore, the jaw crusher should have a minimum Suitable number of revolutions.
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