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Introduce the three-dimensional parametric design of jaw crusher



2020-10-28 18:57:54 1115

The three-dimensional parametric design of the jaw crusher refers to the processing of the support structure shape and the assembly relationship between the components into parameterized variables that are easy to control, and the purpose of changing the three-dimensional solid model is achieved by modifying the parameters. This article will detail Introduce the three-dimensional parametric design of jaw crusher.

Comparison of modeling methods

In the process of product three-dimensional design, there are two kinds of Different design methods traditional bottom-up design method and top-down design method.

parametric modeling process

First, create a skeleton model, a skeleton model The main purpose is to establish the mutual constraints between the components in the product. These constraints include the assembly constraint relationship that determines the position of the components and the constraints on the cross-sectional shape of the main components. Secondly, the static components are completed based on the standard skeleton model. Design, establish the release geometry in the skeleton model, complete the design of the small skeleton model of each part of the jaw crusher by copying the geometric operation, complete the design of the static parts of the compound pendulum jaw crusher by copying the small skeleton model. Finally, complete the design based on the motion skeleton model. The design of the moving parts.

The advantages of the three-dimensional parametric design method of the compound pendulum jaw crusher

Modifying the relevant parameters can lead to zero The component and bracket models are changed, and the parameter-driven bracket model is modified. The design efficiency is significantly improved. According to Gold Mine Heavy Industry, when the top-down design method is adopted, when the overall design changes, the information will be automatically transferred to the downstream components , So that the corresponding changes occur automatically. Therefore, when a design change occurs, the top-down design method can significantly improve the design efficiency of the change.

The above is the three-dimensional parameterization of the jaw crusher. A comprehensive introduction to the design, during the design process, the design can be adjusted according to various factors or needs, thereby improving design efficiency, reducing changes or rework due to design reasons, significantly reducing development costs, shortening development cycles, and improving competitiveness.