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Is it feasible to use cone crusher for quartz stone crushing



2020-11-18 21:57:54 1032

Quartz stone material

The specific gravity of quartz stone is 2.652.66, the Mohs hardness is 7, and the main component of the plate is more than 93% quartz. It has the characteristics of not scratching, no pollution, not old and not burnable, Its surface is smooth, flat and without scratches, non-toxic and non-radiation, and its physical and chemical properties are very stable.It is often used as a reusable environmentally friendly new building interior decoration material and is widely used in public buildings and home decoration. But generally it needs to be processed and crushed.

Feasibility analysis of cone crusher for quartz stone

Cone crusher is used as crushing The more common medium and fine crushing equipment in the equipment also plays a major role in the stone crushing production line, mainly using the principle of laminated crushing. Laminated crushing is different from extrusion crushing, which is caused by the interaction between the materials between the teeth of the equipment. The crushing of the stone material can better control the shape of the ore. Therefore, as a crushing equipment for quartz stone, whether it is crushed in terms of compressive strength and hardness, it is within the tolerance of the cone crusher, so It is feasible.

The advantage of crushing quartz stone with cone crusher

Users choose cone crusher to crush quartz stone. First of all, it has the advantage of finished products. This advantage is very obvious. , The content of needle flake in the traditional crusher is very high, up to 15%, but the cone crusher is used to crush the quartz stone, the finished product is mostly cubes, and the needle flakes are reduced, which is more conducive to users selling to downstream users, followed by the crushing advantage. , The use of a cone crusher to crush quartz stone, the crushing efficiency is high, mainly due to the multiple material layers formed in the crushing cavity of the equipment, which can achieve the purpose of high-yield crushing. Finally, the advantages of the use of the equipment are made of wear-resistant materials, and the use time Long, less wear and tear, which is conducive to saving costs.

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