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Is it profitable to open a stone factory? Cost analysis of crushing production line



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Due to the countrys vigorous development of infrastructure, railways and highways and other engineering construction projects, the demand for stone materials has increased rapidly, resulting in excessive mining of natural sand and gravel. The government has begun to attach importance to the protection of natural resources and advocates the concept of sustainable development of resource recycling. The rapid development of the sand and gravel crushing industry. Many users have seen the development trend of this industry and have turned to the processing and production industry of stones. Materials such as river pebble, granite and limestone can be processed into sand for basic construction. Stone aggregate has a broad market prospect, but for users who are new to the sand and gravel industry, they are more concerned about how much the profit of the stone factory can be and how much production costs are consumed. Here are these issues for everyone to understand in detail.

Sand aggregates are widely used in a variety of industries.

Is the stone factory profitable?

1Sand Stone price trend

The price of sand and gravel aggregates in most parts of the country such as Hunan, Guizhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Henan, and Shandong are more than 70 yuan per ton, and it is still rising. For example, one hour A 200-ton small stone factory, if it works 10 hours a day, it can produce about 2,000 tons of construction stones. The price per ton of construction stones is calculated at 60 yuan, and it can be sold for about 120,000. However, the profit of the stone factory is still very considerable. According to the understanding of the customers that have been put into production, the annual profit is usually more than 1 million yuan, and the specific profit must be combined with the cost, the actual production scale and the finished sand and other conditions.

The price of sand and gravel continues to rise in various places

2 The market situation of the stone factory

From the market situation in recent years, the profit of the stone factory is It is very impressive, because the countrys various infrastructure constructions are continuing, and the finished stone is an important raw material, and the demand is particularly large. The government has also formulated relevant policies to encourage the development of the sand and gravel industry. According to the survey, the average price of raw materials in various urban areas 210 yuan tons, and the finished product price has reached 60,120 yuan tons, and the profit margin is very large.

The market demand has risen linearly, and the investment profit is high

3 Good equipment creates high profits

If you want to start a stone factory, you must choose the right stone crushing equipment. Only good equipment can improve work efficiency and the quality of finished stone. Good equipment is to start The basis for the profitability of the stone processing plant.

Stationary and mobile crushing equipment, complete types

Tires Mobile crushing production site

How much does it cost to invest in a stone factory?

Investing in a stone factory production line must consider many factors, involving many aspects, such as applying for relevant departments in the early stage Various procedures for the site selection in the mid-term, the purchase of production line equipment, the manpower and material resources in the late formal production, the electricity consumption, and the cost of transporting stones Costs, etc., a series of cost expenditures. The larger the scale of production, the higher the cost, but the greater the benefits it will bring to you. If the initial capital is tight, you can choose a small stone production line, which has low investment and quick return on costs. The types of raw materials are different, the processing methods are also different, the requirements of the finished products are different, and the processing equipment selected will be different, so the specific investment cost has a great relationship with the equipment type manufacturers choice of market competition.

Guangdong users, a fixed stone factory with an hourly output of about 300 tons

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