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Is there a small sand machine worth tens of thousands of yuan? Which models are available



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Needless to say, how profitable is to invest in sand-blasting equipment and the production mechanism of sand and gravel. It is not an exaggeration to call it a profiteering industry. It is also true that more and more users are pouring into the industry and want to get a share , But there are also many users who have limited funds or are afraid of risks, and are looking to stop in the face of equipment prices of hundreds of thousands and millions. Then, are there any models of small sand sanding equipment that can be purchased for tens of thousands of yuan?

The answer is of course yes, this article will introduce you in detail, I hope to help you.

Small sand blower output Moderate price and affordable, choose the right equipment, and the benefits are considerable.

Which models of small sand sanders with tens of thousands of yuan are available?

Under normal circumstances, the capacity and price of the equipment are Proportionally, the larger the production capacity of the equipment, the higher the corresponding price. Naturally, the production capacity of a small sand blower of tens of thousands of yuan will not be too large. If you want to open a small sand factory, this type of equipment will be yours. A good choice, the following is a brief introduction to all kinds of sand-blasting equipment produced by Gold Mine manufacturers.

1 pair of roller sand-blasting machine 1.3 million yuan

The pair-roller sand blower uses two rollers to squeeze and crush the material. It has the characteristics of low noise and thorough crushing. The crushed finished sand is mostly cubes with low powder content and uniform fineness and high grade.

The capacity of the roller sand blower is between 5110 tons, the feed size is 30mm, the output size is between 210mm, and the price ranges from 1.3 million.

The roller sand blower has an output of 5,110 tons per hour, which is affordable and worth the investment.

2Compound sand blower 1.35 million yuan

Compound sand blower Sand machine is also commonly used sand making equipment. It has the advantages of high crushing ratio, high efficiency, simple structure, and many other advantages. It can be used for sand production of medium-hard materials. It has the effect of more breaking and less grinding. The production capacity is 1.4 times higher than other similar equipment, and the service life is extended. 23 times, high cost performance.

The production capacity of the compound sand blower is between 5,100 tons, the motor power is between 4p30kw8p160kw, the power is strong, the sand breaking efficiency is high, and the price is between 1.35 million yuan .

Composite sand blower 1.35 million yuan, fine silt sand, high use value

3 fine crusher 2.6 million yuan

The fine crusher is also widely used in sand production lines. It is especially suitable for the production of hard and brittle materials such as refractory cement steel sand and quartz sand. It is also suitable for materials with large water content, and the sand crushing efficiency High effect is good, and energy saving is about 50% than similar equipment.

The processing capacity of the fine crusher is between 10,310 tons, the input size is 190mm, the output size is 010mm, and the price is 2.6 million. .

The fine crusher is 2.6 million yuan, easy to use and not expensive. Value for money

Is it worth buying a small sand machine with a price of tens of thousands of dollars?

You can buy a sand machine with tens of thousands of dollars. Many users will doubt the equipment The performance, ask how its sand-removing effect can make money. The editor wants to tell you that you dont have to worry at all. Various small sand-removing equipment has been around for a long time, and each performance is relatively mature. It is widely used in various industries and the user feedback is good. .

Small sand sanding production line with moderate capacity, affordable price, high investment value

1 Moderate production capacity, affordable price and high cost performance. For small sand and gravel users, the production capacity is moderate, which can meet the production needs, and the price is affordable. The benefits are also considerable and cost-effective.

2 The output is uniform and delicate, and the market competitiveness is high. The price is high. Although the production capacity of the small sand blower is small, the sand breaking effect is not inferior to other sand blowers, which meets the markets high-standard sand requirements and has a high price.

3Zero dust and zero pollution , No fear of strict environmental protection. Small sand-blasting equipment is generally small in size and can be placed indoors for closed sand-making production. With the addition of the environmental protection device of the equipment itself, it is easy to achieve zero dust and zero pollution, and environmental protection is worry-free. br/>
How much is a small sand blower worth tens of thousands of dollars? Where can I sell it?

It has also been mentioned above that the price of a composite sand blower depends on the type. The price is between 1.35 million yuan, the roller sand blower is between 1.3 million yuan, and the fine crusher is between 2.6 million yuan. The specific price depends on the final choice of the user. After all, every sand-blasting equipment can be subdivided There are many models, and the prices of different machines are naturally different.

Ears and hearing are fictitious, seeing is believing, Gold Mine welcomes users to come to the factory for on-site inspection

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