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Jaw crusher contributes to the construction of the west



2020-06-25 21:57:53 1056

Everyone knows that the development of the western region has been the top priority of our country in recent years. It not only affects everyones heart, but also the responsibility of each of us. Accelerating the development of the western region and improving their living standards are the key issues before us. To speed up their economic construction, China has put forward very good methods for the development of the western region. For example, college students support the western region and other activities, in order to promote the development of the western region more quickly and increase the construction of basic projects. Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery is aimed at the western region Environment, using advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level, a high-yield jaw crusher developed for the crushing of many hard and abrasive materials, breaking another new breakthrough in Chinas crusher industry.

The jaw crusher produced by our company mainly includes an eccentric shaft of the fixed jaw and movable jaw of the machine base. A fixed jaw tooth plate is fixed on the fixed jaw, and the movable jaw tooth plate is fixed to the movable jaw through a connecting bolt. On the upper side, side guards are provided on both sides of the movable and fixed jaw tooth plate. The upper end of the movable jaw is sleeved on the eccentric shaft. There is a bearing chamber between the movable jaw and the eccentric shaft. The top of the movable jaw tooth plate is approximately higher than the fixed jaw tooth plate. 80250mm. The structure is simple and reasonable, the higher movable jaw tooth plate has a good protective effect on the movable jaw and the bearing chamber, and ensures the unblocking of the material, avoids the phenomenon of jamming, safe and reliable, and the utility model also simplifies the movement The production of the jaw, the bearing chamber of the movable jaw has good sealing performance, good running performance, no oil leakage, improved the use of the whole machine, low noise, stable operation, obvious power saving and energy saving effect, which is conducive to popularization and application, and is widely used in mining and building materials silicic acid Salt metallurgy road construction chemical industry raw materials and other fields, especially suitable for the crushing of medium-hard materials, such as clinker from rock ore cement plants, etc.

The counterattack produced by our company Crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers and other large-scale equipment have high crushing efficiency and many models. Large-scale jaw crushers can produce 800 tons per hour, making them ideal equipment for limestone crushing in cement plants.

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