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Analysis of the working principle of hammer crusher



2020-11-27 15:57:54 1041

Hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for finely crushing limestone coal or other brittle materials below medium hardness in the industrial sectors of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and hydropower. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high production capacity and uniform particle size. The following will be hammer crushingA brief analysis of the working principle of the machine, to provide buyers with purchase help.

The hammer crusher is also called hammer crushing, and its main function is to crush materials by impact.The hammer crusher rotor is composed of a spindle disc pin and a hammer. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feeding port and is impacted by the high-speed moving hammer.Crushing. In the lower part of the rotor, there is a sieve plate to pulverize the material that is smaller than the sieve hole size and is discharged through the sieve plate. The coarse particle size larger than the sieve hole size is blocked on the sieve plate and continues to be hit and ground by the hammer, and finally passes through the sieve.The plate is discharged out of the machine.

The above is a brief description of the working principle of the hammer crusher. The quality of our companys hammer crusher is guaranteed. The model is complete and the price is favorable. WelcomeCome to consult and buy.