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Analysis of working principle of cone crusher



2020-11-27 12:57:54 1107

The cone crusher is a newly developed advanced hydraulic crusher with high power, large crushing ratio and high productivity. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, high power consumption, low crushing ratio, large product size, etc. It is widely used in various hardnessThe medium and fine crushing of ore. The following will be a simple analysis of the working principle of the cone crusher.

Take the cone crusher produced by Henan Gold Mine as an example.When the type crusher is working, the rotation of the motor passes through the belt pulley or the coupling. The drive shaft of the cone crusher and the cone of the cone crusher make a swing movement around a fixed point under the force of the eccentric sleeve. So that the cone crushing wall is sometimesApproaching, sometimes leaving the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing chamber to achieve the crushing of the ore.