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Large-scale gyratory crusher structure drawing quotation



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The large-scale gyratory crusher also refers to the large-scale composite crusher. The whole machine adopts two crushing methods: stone beating and stone beating. It has the function of coarse crushing and fine grinding, and the noise decibels can be reduced to below 75. It is suitable for crushing limestone, coal, gangue, limestone, slag, cement clinker For marble and other medium-hard and soft mineral materials, the quotation of the structure of the large-scale gyratory crusher is of more concern to users, and Gold Mine Machine will explain it in detail for you

First, the structure diagram of the large-scale gyratory crusher

As can be seen from the following structural diagram, the large gyratory crusher is mainly composed of bearing liner cover, hammer head discharge port, hammer disc support, motor feed port, etc., and the whole machine adopts the integration of the motor and the host Combination method, the host and motor are assembled on a unified base.

During the operation of the large gyratory crusher, the feeder is used to feed the mineral material into the crushing cavity, and the mineral material falling into the crushing cavity is on the hammer head The hammer is accelerated during high-speed rotation, and the hammer head produces continuous impact on the mineral material to break it.The mineral material flies out of the high-speed rotating hammer head and collides with another part of the material that is freely falling after rebounding. , And then impact on the material lining or impact block together, and get broken again, a piece of mineral material is broken after multiple impacts, friction and grinding.

2, large Gyratory Crusher Quotation

1 Factors affecting the quotation The factors affecting the quotation of large-scale gyratory crushers include the costs of technical and technological labor in the R&D and manufacturing process, and the costs of publicity and sales generated during sales. External factors include The strength of the manufacturer, the market, the supply of regional prices, national policies, etc.

2 Quotation methods to obtain large-scale gyratory crusher quotations can be obtained through free consultation on the manufacturers official website, online customer service and free hotline to visit the factory to obtain quotation details and other methods.

3Which area offers low prices? Manufacturers can control the cost of large-scale gyratory crushers through many aspects, but some factors are uncontrollable. Because regional prices are an important factor affecting the quotation of large-scale gyratory crushers, Therefore, to buy a large-scale gyratory crusher at an affordable price, you can choose areas with lower prices.The quotations in these areas are generally lower than those in developed areas, such as Henan.In order to ensure the quality, you can choose some well-known old manufacturers, such as Henan Gold Mine Machine. br/>
For more details on the quotation of the structure principle of the large-scale gyratory crusher, you can consult the technicians of Gold Mine Machinery for free, and all employees of the company invite you to visit the factory