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Analysis on the feeding configuration of cone crusher



2020-11-04 12:57:54 1110

Cone crusher has the advantages of reliable structure, stable operation, high production efficiency, uniform product size, etc. Due to these advantages, cone crushers have been widely developed in recent years. Cone crushers have a wide range of applications and can be used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical engineering, hydropower, and road construction. And other industries have greatly promoted the development of modern society. The cone crusher is composed of an eccentric sleeve bowl-shaped bearing feeding support spring of the transmission part. The feeding configuration is an important part of the cone crusher. Let us understand from different aspects. The feeding configuration of the cone crusher.

1 First of all, lets talk about the hazards of incorrect feeding methods. Incorrect feeding method. When the incorrect feeding method is used for feeding, it will cause a decrease in productivity, excessive particle size of defective products, excessive displacement of the adjusting ring, excessive pressure on the bearing, etc. The feeding method must be correct, otherwise it will have a great impact on production.

2So what is the correct feeding method? The correct feeding method must be in accordance with the divider of the crusher. In combination with tallow, the fully mixed materials will be evenly distributed along the entire crushing cavity under the action of the feeding box. When feeding, the segregation of fine and coarse materials should be kept to a smaller degree, so as to reduce Small friction. Before feeding, the materials can be screened. The main function of screening is to remove the fine and viscous materials in the feeding, because the existence of these materials is more likely to block the feeding port and screen out These materials will effectively avoid the occurrence of clogging, thereby reducing the amount of movement of the adjustment ring and improving production efficiency. When feeding, install a metal detector to detect metal substances in the material in time and improve production Stability. Another very important point is that the feeding speed should be controlled during the feeding process.

3 The discharge structure of the cone crusher should meet the foundation According to the requirements of the figure, combined with the actual situation of each cone crusher, the discharge chamber can be made of metal or wood. It should be noted that the discharge port should have an inspection hole to facilitate the cleaning and inspection of the discharge chamber. A partition should be added to the discharge chamber, because if there is no partition, the discharge chamber will suffer a particularly large impact, reducing its service life, and the partition will absorb most of the impact of the material falling in front of the transportation equipment, thereby increasing the equipment Life span.