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Machine maintenance of hydraulic cone crusher



2020-11-28 21:57:54 1026

Hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of widely used high-yield equipment, which has greatly promoted the development of the industrial field. However, because many people currently lack knowledge of hydraulic cone crushers in machine maintenance, some resources are wasted Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of hydraulic cone crushers are becoming more and more important. Let us look at what needs to be paid attention to in the maintenance of hydraulic cone crushers.

1 Lubricating oil injection

The rotating bearing of the equipment, the roller bearing, the sliding surface of the movable bearing and the gear, are places where oil is needed. If the equipment is to operate normally, the first point is the lubrication required by the equipment Oil, because the bearings need to bear the full load of the machine, if you want to improve the life of the equipment and achieve better production results, you must ensure that the lubricating oil injected into the equipment is clean and sealed, free of any impurities and dirt.

2 Inspection of parts and components

For the newly installed wheel tyres, we must regularly check to ensure that they will not loosen, and check whether the various parts of the machine are working properly. Abnormal sounds and other special circumstances.

3 Inspection of wear parts

The inspection of wear parts is extremely important, if the components are worn Seriously, it is necessary to replace new components in time to ensure that it will not have a huge impact on production.

4Cleaning up debris

When placing the bottom frame plane, you should Pay attention to clean up the dust and other debris on the top, so as to avoid some serious accidents of the machine, because these debris may contain materials that the hydraulic cone crusher cannot crush, so it must be cleaned in time.

5 Special components Handling of the situation

When the bearing oil temperature rises, we should stop immediately to deal with this situation, find out the reason, and stop and check immediately when the rotating gear is running abnormally.