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Main features of roller crusher



2020-11-11 21:57:54 1044

According to the number of rollers, it can be divided into double-roll crusher and four-roll crusher, double-roll crusher and double-roll crusher. The double-roll crusher produced by our company has reliable work and simple maintenance, low operating cost, and the size of discharge granularity The following article mainly introduces the main features of the roller crusher from several aspects.

1 pair of roller crushers are equipped with replaceable wear-resistant The liner and wear-resistant liner are made of domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, which have the advantages of long service life, not easy to damage, and convenient maintenance. The continuous service life can reach more than one year. When the wear is serious, the cover can be replaced by removing the cover. Small, low cost, which is unmatched by any other type of crusher in China.

The roller gap of the 2 pairs of roller crushers can be adjusted between 1mm and 20mm, according to the requirements of the crushing particle size. After the roll gap is good, the crushing particle size can be reliably controlled, and all are discharged from the crushing cavity with the ideal particle size.

3Compact structure, light weight and small volume, for the same production capacity The required sand making system, equipped with PDGIII type counter-roll crusher can significantly save investment.

4 Equipping PDGIII type counter-roll crusher in the sand making industry can increase the output by 30%40 %, the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20% 30%.

The 5-pair roller crusher is the working principle of low-speed and high-pressure roller squeeze.

6 Internal installation There is a dust-proof plate, good sealing performance, avoiding the splashing of small materials after crushing, less dust, can work with water, low working noise, and greatly improved working environment.

7 The structure is simple and reasonable, the operating cost is low, the operation is stable, the production is energy-saving, the crushing efficiency is high, and the crushing ratio is large.

8 pairs of roller crushers are equipped with safety protection devices. After an accidental metal iron piece enters the crushing cavity, the protective device acts, and the iron piece leaks out of the equipment to operate normally.

9 The roller body is re-optimized, and the equipment does not need to change the roller body for life, and the old type of roller The machine needs to be disassembled and overhauled after one year of use, and the roller body is replaced.