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Maintenance work of reversible impact hammer crusher



2020-11-02 06:57:54 1053

The work of the reversible impact hammer crusher is to crush materials by impact. It is a new type of crushing equipment that the crushing rotor can be used in forward and reverse rotation. The machine is mainly composed of main motor, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic station and shock absorption system, etc. Composition. Due to its harsh operating environment and prone to wear, maintenance work must be in place to reduce unnecessary troubles and costs. After analysis and summary, this article will introduce the maintenance work of reversible impact hammer crushers from multiple aspects .

Maintenance of the main machine

1. When working, pay attention to the lubrication of the main machine of the impact crusher, and each bearing room is eight hours Add grease once, and pay attention to adding the appropriate amount of oil. In addition, when filling the oil, clean the nozzle of the nozzle and the oil filling port, and prevent dust from entering the oil cavity to prevent pollution of the grease and unnecessary wear.

2. Gold Mine Heavy Industry recommends that users regularly check the bearing temperature. If the bearing oil temperature is found to rise, they should stop immediately to check the cause and solve the problem before starting operation.

3. Reversible counterattack The hammer crusher can only be fed after it is running normally, and the feeding should be even, and it should be prevented from being mixed with iron blocks and causing the host to wear or fail.

4. The motor is not allowed to reverse when it is fully loaded and high speed. Do not start frequently.

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Maintenance of parts

1. Regularly check the degree of wear of the wearing parts of the reversible impact hammer crusher, and if the wear is serious, replace them in time.

2. When replacing new parts, cleaning and lubricating must be done first.

3. When loading and unloading parts, do not directly hit the parts with a hammer. Corresponding pads must be installed to prevent damage to the parts and cracks.

4 After working for a period of time, check whether the bolts and keys at various parts are loose, and if they are loose, they should be tightened immediately.

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