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Mobile crusher makes relevant industries benefit



2020-07-05 12:57:54 1085

The mobile crushing station (also known as the name of the mobile crusher) is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, materials, water and electricity, and needs to be moved, especially for roads, railways, water and Materials processing and other industries construct power engineering and other mobile stone processing, create more new business opportunities, and reduce production costs for customers.

1, one unit A complete set of integration.The installation form of integrated equipment eliminates the fission of the various site infrastructure groups

parts installation work, and reduces the consumption of materials and time. Reasonable and compact space layout, Improve the flexibility of the troops

2, the mobility of the mobile crusher is flexible. The mobile crusher has a higher car chassis and an overall width smaller than an operating semi-trailer and a small turning radius, which It is to promote movement on ordinary roads, but also conducive to the field of rugged and bad road crushing environment on fast roads. Save time on site. The more conducive to a reasonable construction area, and a more flexible space layout, a more reasonable configuration and the entire crushing process. br/>
3, reduce the cost of material transportation. The hammer crusher can crush the materials in the first line, avoiding the on-site separation from the intermediate links, and greatly reducing

transportation costs. Another one The carriage can directly break through to the material of the main traffic line measure, and then turn away from the site.

4, the work of the mobile crusher is directly effective.The integrated hammer crusher can be used independently and according to the material Types and products

in the process of customer requirements to meet the requirements, such as mobile crushing, screening and classification and customers, etc., can also provide a more flexible technical configuration to make mobile

More direct and effective organization and logistics transportation, to achieve greater cost reduction.

5, The mobile crusher has strong adaptability and flexible configuration. The mobile crusher can Independent work, flexible system configuration in the crushing

and the screening system work together. The side of the discharge hopper provides a flexible transportation mode for screening materials in various configurations. In addition to the external power supply

The diesel generator of the integrated equipment of the generator can also indicate the process of the system configuration unit combined power supply.