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Mobile crushing station creates the myth of turning waste into treasure



2020-07-18 21:57:54 1043

In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous expansion of the scale of the city, the pressure caused by the sharp increase in construction waste. The Gold Mine mobile crusher equipment can eat all construction waste such as waste concrete bricks. After a few minutes, the building Garbage is turned into pebble-sized particles, which can be used for subgrade construction of municipal roads. Gold Mine large-scale mobile crushing station equipment realizes the dream of turning construction waste into treasure.

Gold Mine Heavy Industry is currently a relatively professional base for the production of crushing and screening equipment. The mobile crushing station produced by Gold Mine Heavy Industry is designed to solve construction waste. The mobile crushing station is flexible in configuration and can be designed to modify or special mobile crushing according to the actual site The mobile crushing station is very suitable for construction waste crushing. It is a novel rock crushing equipment developed and launched by Gold Mine Heavy Industry, which expands the concept of coarse crushing. The design concept of this mobile crushing station is to stand in the position of the customer and eliminate the crushing site As a solution, the obstacles that the environment brings to customers crushing operations are truly providing customers with high-yield and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

Mobile crushing station combination equipment is based on sand and gravel The main process of processing has been reasonably designed to realize the integrated combination of various crushing and screening equipment. Through the on-board system or crawler drive system, the function of integrated mobile operation can be achieved. The construction site can be flexibly selected and the materials can be processed in time. It greatly reduces the transportation and processing costs of materials and improves production efficiency. From the perspective of customers, the combination of mobile crushing stations is more in line with the wishes of customers. The dozens of mobile crushing station combinations launched by Henan Gold Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. can meet different requirements to a greater extent. The needs of customers. The mobile crusher can be regarded as a simple stone production line, which is widely used in railways, highways, construction, water conservancy and metallurgy and other industries. The mobile crushing station is different in accordance with the type, scale and finished material requirements of the processed raw materials, especially the crushing The site is small and more suitable for construction waste treatment. The mobile construction waste crushing station has coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. From the customers standpoint, the solution is to eliminate the obstacles that the crushing site environment brings to the customers crushing operation.

Concrete particles, masonry fragments and sand particles that are broken by construction waste can also be used in sidewalks and bicycle lanes to produce building materials and concrete sports venues. In order to enhance the mobility of the crusher, tire-type and crawler-type mobile crushing plants have also been developed.Among them, wheel-type crushers are more popular in the Americas, and crawler-type crushers are more popular in Europe.