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Analyze the positioning of the parts on the crusher shaft



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The axial parts of the crusher are generally also commonly used for circumferential positioning. The purpose of circumferential positioning is to limit the relative movement of the parts on the shaft and the shaft. Common axial parts mainly include the bearing end of the shaft end of the sleeve, round nut, and ring. Cover, etc.

On the main shaft, there are three places that use flat key connections, and other common circumferential positioning elements include spline pin set screws and interference fits and other common flat key connections There are disk flywheels, pulleys, etc. The circumferential positioning of other parts and shafts also uses this connection method, such as gear half couplings, etc. According to their diameter, check the horizontal key section bh from the manual, and the keyway is milled with keyway Knife processing.

Crusher key parts bearings

1 The shaft shoulder is mainly divided into the positioning shaft shoulder and the non-positioning shaft shoulder. There are many shoulders on this spindle, and both categories include. Although the use of shoulder positioning is a more convenient and reliable method, the use of shoulders will inevitably lead to a problem, that is, the inevitable increase in the shaft diameter, and the shaft The shoulder will cause stress concentration due to the sudden change of the cross section. In addition, the shaft shoulder is also not conducive to processing. Therefore, when considering the design of the shaft, try to avoid excessive shoulder positioning. Moreover, there is another point to explain, the shaft shoulder is mostly used Where the axial force is relatively large. It is worth noting that there are two positions for positioning the shoulder of each rolling bearing, and they are all positioning shoulders. For this type of positioning shoulder, there is a requirement that the height of the shoulder must be It is lower than the height of the end face of the inner ring of the bearing to facilitate the disassembly of the bearing. The height of the shaft shoulder can be found in the bearing installation size in the mechanical design manual. In addition, in order to make the parts close to the shaft shoulder and obtain accurate and reliable positioning, the shaft shoulder The transition fillet radius must be smaller than the fillet radius or chamfer size of the end of the hub hole of the matching part. Common specifications for chamfering and fillet size on shafts and parts can be found on page 651 in the second volume of the textbook Table. The non-positioning shoulder is set for the convenience of processing and assembly. There is no strict requirement for the height, and it can generally be 1 to 2 mm.

The crusher is mainly zero Components

2 On the spindle, sleeve positioning is also adopted. The characteristics of this positioning method are that the structure is simple and the positioning is reliable. The shaft does not require slotting, drilling and thread cutting. It will affect the fatigue strength of the shaft. Therefore, this positioning can be used when the distance between the two parts is not large. At the same time, the sleeve positioning also ensures two discs, or, the disc and the hammer ( The axial positioning between the pin shaft sleeve). Of course, if the distance between the two parts is too large, it is not suitable to use the sleeve positioning method, because that will increase the quality of the sleeve and the amount of material. In addition, the sleeve The fit with the shaft is relatively loose. If the shaft speed is high, sleeve positioning is not suitable. The bearing end cover is also used to connect with other parts by screws. The outer ring of the rolling bearing is axially positioned. Sometimes, the entire shaft Axial positioning can also be achieved by bearing end covers.

Bearing seat of the crusher

3 at the shaft end of the main shaft, and Pinned The shaft ends are all positioned with round nuts. This positioning can withstand large axial forces, but there will be greater stress concentration at the threads on the shaft, reducing the fatigue strength of the shaft, so it is generally used to fix the shaft As mentioned above, if the distance between the two parts is too large, and it is not suitable to use the sleeve positioning method, you can consider using the round nut positioning.

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