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New transformation of impact crusher



2020-06-30 00:57:54 1050

Impact crusher Cone crusher is one of the main equipment for mining production and construction materials processing and polymerization chemical production. It is widely used in the production and processing of various metal and non-metallic minerals, cement and building materials. In the future, with the introduction of some new theories in mine production and building materials processing, users hope that the granular ore can get as much finer and better products as possible in the crushing stage.
Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Company counterattack The design of the crusher mechanism is optimized. Its main task is to optimize the horizontal and vertical stroke and stroke characteristic coefficients of the crushers feed and discharge port, thereby increasing the crusher processing capacity, reducing the weight of the crusher, enhancing the structural strength of the crusher, and reducing the crushing The liner of the machine is worn, which greatly improves the working performance of the crusher.

The production repair and transformation of the impact crusher rotor has the following advantages

1. According to the mechanical characteristics of the crushers crushing process, the world-famous nastrandatrandeform and other design analysis software are widely used, and the more popular and advanced finite element calculation technology in the mechanics world is used to calculate the strength of the crusher and optimize the design, effectively improving the rotor design .

2. According to the weak parts in the rotor stress analysis cloud chart, a reinforcement design is adopted and high-strength high-quality alloy steel is adopted.

Counter-attack type Crusher impact plate

3. Tungsten-titanium alloy full armor protection design on the rotor surface. The hammer crusher rotor body with this structure greatly reduces the stress concentration of the hammer disc and the end hammer disc , Which enhances its strength, effectively prevents the problem of fracture, and can effectively prevent the crusher from jamming, which can increase the life of the rotor by more than double.

4. The design of variable inertia is adopted to effectively improve the crushing efficiency. , Increase the output of the crusher by 2030% and reduce the fineness by 2030%.

Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of impact crushers, produces a new type of impact crusher with no plug points, low weight, and light products. Good grain shape, high yield and low energy consumption, shorten the product development cycle and improve the market competitiveness of the product.