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Pay tribute to the difficult and time-consuming high-yield crusher that hit the lean ore



2020-07-19 12:57:54 1046

In recent years, Chinas construction has been continuously strengthened, and the crusher is a time when the demand for irrigation projects, construction of roads, railways, high-speed railways, infrastructure, dikes and dams, building construction, on-site and other industries exceeds supply. Jaw crusher, hammer crusher , Mobile crushing stations and other crusher equipment came into being, but for the difficult and time-consuming problems of lean ore beneficiation, it can not be solved by ordinary crushers, and the arrival of high-yield crushers is solving two major problems for everyone .

In the metallurgical industry, these lean ores have low content of useful components and complex mineral components. If smelting uses direct metal collection, the bad news is that the choice is large and the output is high. Cost. In addition to mines, rich ore, it contains a lot, except for a few mineral ore, most of them are lean ore, which contains a large amount of coal gangue. For more economic development and lack of use of low-grade ore, expand the source of mineral raw materials , The ore must be smelted first and collected in abundance by choosing to abandon most of the coal gangue for casting, so that the content of precious minerals can reach the required smelting.

It is in In the beneficiation process, there are two primary processes. One is the solution process, that is, crushing and grinding the ore, leaving precious mineral particles out of the various ores in the solution. The second is grading. What will be resolved? Products with different grades are minerals with different physical and chemical properties. Because most of the precious minerals in nature are as close as possible to coal gangue symbiosis, together, Zhang Chengwei particles are embedded in the cloth, if you do not first leave the various minerals or each other to open Part of it is here, even though there is a big difference in their properties, they cannot be classified.

Therefore, to make the precious mineral resources and coal gangue enough to solve, it is On the premise of connecting the cheeks of the tightly enough solution to the mine, use any choice of fixing method, and with the purpose of grinding the mine is to make immature precious mineral resources and coal gangue broken leaves. During the crushing process, the process makes the mine a piece Gradually reduce.

The high-yield crusher makes us no longer afraid of the beneficiation of lean ore, so that we no longer worry about time-consuming, then let us protect the high-yield crushing Machine, make good use of high-yield crushers, and contribute a little to the construction of the motherland