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Performance advantages and price of spring cone crusher



2020-11-22 15:57:54 1037

The spring cone crusher is an earlier crusher in the cone crusher. It is obtained after further research on the basis of the advanced technology of cone crushers in various countries. Let me introduce the performance advantages of the spring cone crusher. And the factors that affect the price of spring cone crusher.

The performance advantages of a spring cone crusher

Spring cone crusher and traditional cone crusher The structure of the machine is completely different.The spring cone crusher is developed by integrating the technology of various countries in the cone crusher and the advantages of various cone crushers.Therefore, the spring cone crusher has many advantages, and the more prominent advantages are introduced below. br/>
1 The cavity type can be freely selected according to the discharge particle size. The standard cavity type is suitable for medium crushing, the medium type is suitable for fine crushing, and the short head type is suitable for ultrafine crushing.

2Spring cone The crusher has a uniform discharge particle size and good quality

3 The spring cone crusher has a finer discharge particle size, which is mainly used for fine or ultra-fine crushed materials.

4 Spring cone crusher cavity The liner in the body is thicker, so the service life is longer.

5The key parts are made of high-strength materials, which increase the weight appropriately and have better reliability.

6By increasing the eccentricity Enhanced processing capacity.

The price of two spring cone crushers

The price of spring cone crushers is generally between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands , The main reasons affecting the price of spring cone crusher are the model size and the difference between manufacturers and markets. We have to choose the model according to our own daily output and discharge particle size.

Spring cone crusher regardless of It is much better than traditional cone crushers in terms of quality life and discharge treatment and speed. It is the ideal crushing equipment for the current mineral processing industry. If you want to know the specific price of the technical parameters of the spring cone crusher and other related information, you can go online Consult or call us, we will provide you with services 24 hours a day.