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Precautions for granite crushing



2020-08-06 00:57:54 1050

There are many materials to be crushed, and granite is one of the more difficult to crush. So what should be paid attention to when crushing granite

Granite has high hardness, but it also has a certain degree of brittleness. Therefore, in the design of the crushing process The design can be relatively flexible. If the customers market price has an advantage, the two-stage crushing process can be used. However, from a long-term production point of view, the three-stage crushing process is still an effective method to reduce production costs. The customers market does not have high requirements for the particle size of the finished stone, and the two-stage jaw crusher can be used for production. This configuration has low investment, simple maintenance, and the production cost is more economical among many options. However, this solution The disadvantage is that the particle size of the stone is relatively poor, and the proportion of needle-like materials is high. The competitiveness of the stone in the market is not high, because high-grade buildings require excellent stone. In order to improve the particle size of the stone (polygonal cube ), you can use the process configuration of jaw crusher and counter-attack crusher. This configuration is a bit higher than the investment cost of the above two-stage jaw crusher, and the produced stone particles are also very good. However, because granite is a relatively difficult material, The wear resistance of the counterattack is relatively high, and the production cost increased by long-term production is relatively considerable. Because granite has the properties of brittleness, this configuration is also an acceptable solution.

If you require The product has excellent particle size and can reduce production costs, so we need to add a laminated crusher between the jaw crusher and the counterattack crusher, such as using a fine jaw crusher or a cone crusher. This configuration can make the main crushing The work is completed by the first and second crushing (laminated crushing), and finally the impact crushing is used for integral crushing. This configuration process can greatly reduce the negative material formed after screening. If the proportion of negative material in a production line is too high, it will This makes the last crusher add too much repeated crushing work, and accordingly, the loss of wear parts will be greatly increased. The process configuration of two-stage laminated crushing and third-stage counterattack crushing has increased the investment cost, but What it brings is a great reduction in production costs. Its advantages are self-evident.