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Precautions for the test run of the hammer crusher



2020-10-28 21:57:54 1096

After purchasing the hammer crusher, the first step is to install it. After the correct installation, it cannot be officially put into production and needs to be tested. After the test is completed, there are no problems before normal production. Then, in the test run There are some issues that need to be paid attention to in the process. This article will briefly introduce the precautions of the hammer crusher test run.

Hammer crusher test run video

Precautions before commissioning

1. After the hammer crusher is installed, it is necessary to carefully check and make sure that the components and connections are correctly assembled, and there are no tools or instruments remaining in the crushing cavity before the commissioning.

2. Before the test run, check the oil quantity of the main bearing and other parts, and add a proper amount of lubricating oil.

3. Check whether the bolts of each part are tightened and the safety shield Whether the installation is complete, whether the chain drive and the electric motor are normal.

Hammer crusher

Precautions during test run

1. First, the rotor must be manually driven for 23 weeks, and it can be driven after it is flexible and unimpeded. After driving, it is necessary to carry out a two-hour no-load test run, and solve problems in time.

2. After the no-load test run, the material must be fed after the rotor reaches the rated speed.

3. Before feeding, there is the direction of rotation of the rotor, and the turning on the top of the grate bar is adjusted to open. A flash. The feed should be evenly fed, and the feed volume should be gradually increased from less to the rated output.

4. The temperature of the main shaft of the hammer crusher should be below 60. If abnormal sound is found, stop and check immediately .

Hammer crusher structure diagram

Precautions after trial run

1. After trial run is completed, The feeder should be stopped first, and when there is no material in the feeder, stop the feeder.

2. The hammer crusher can stop only after all the materials in the hammer crusher are processed.